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Actors who are difficult and easy to work with on set

It’s no secret that working with people always takes a lot of energy. One can only imagine how hard it is for Hollywood directors. They need to interact with stars of the first magnitude, many of which are extremely complex in nature. In order to establish a workflow and not disrupt the shooting schedule, directors maneuver and go to various tricks.

However, sometimes the opposite situation develops – docile actors on the set help their colleagues to reveal their best qualities, creating an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Of course, filmmakers prefer to work with simple and diligent people, however, sometimes it is impossible to do without hooligans.

Mike Myers

Mike Myers.  Austin Powers

Movie star Wayne’s World, Austin Powers and “Bohemian Rhapsody” does not always behave in accordance with the norms of decency. Sometimes Mike forgets that he is an actor and begins to interfere with the work of the film crewhanding out various, mostly unprofessional advice. Not only technical staff, but also colleagues shy away from the obnoxious Myers, because you should always expect a dirty trick from a man.

So on the set of Austin Powers, Myers was not shy in expressions when he was not satisfied with the work of the team. He demanded to fire the guy from the crowd, because he accidentally looked into the eyes of a star. This whim had to be satisfied in order not to disrupt the shooting. In another creative impulse, Mike had a fight with a dresser and it gradually becomes clear why his career quickly went on a downward arc.

Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi.  The Big Lebowski

This actor is known to everyone – his memorable appearance and special manner of acting made him truly famous. However, Steve does not have too many really big roles, mainly he embodies the images of criminals and just strange guys who serve as the backdrop for the main events. On account of Buscemi such cult projects as “Air prison” and The Big Lebowskias well as many other tapes.

In life, Steve is a diligent actor who charges colleagues with a good mood… His appearance on the set always evokes positive emotions, and an extra take is not a problem for Buscemi. Steve is also an exemplary family man, he lived with his wife for over 30 years, but in 2019 she was gone.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf.  Rage

It must be said that the star of the franchise “Transformers” Is a very difficult person. By the age of 35, LaBeouf had become a regular guest at the police station, and law enforcement officers know him not only as a talented actor. The reasons for this behavior are obvious – immoderate use of illegal substances and alcohol provokes a man to rash acts.

On the set, Shia continues to freak out – there is a known case when he surreptitiously hit Tom Hardy… This incident can be called outrageous, because in our understanding, Hollywood is a place for creativity and the use of physical force is unjustified here. Also, LaBeouf breathes unevenly towards his other colleagues in the shop, constantly inciting animosity

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

We know Hugh from projects like “X-Men” and “Van Helsing”, although there are still many wonderful roles on his account. Jackman disposes of the audience and this is the case when the appearance is not deceiving. Hugh’s colleagues speak positively of Hugh, he always keeps discontent to himself and knows how to defuse the situation a good, well-timed joke.

Jackman is married to a lady who is much older than him. Another Hollywood actor would have changed his companion long ago, preferring a young model, but not Hugh. The couple could not have children, so they adopted a boy and a girl at the beginning of the new century.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton.  Birdman

Movie star “Fight club” and Birdmanis, by all accounts, an ingenious actor. However, Edward cannot fully realize his potential even in adulthood. The secret is simple – it’s easier for a director to find another performer than to contact Norton, who is not only will play on the nerves of the film crewbut also required break the schedule production of the painting.

It’s not enough for Edward to just play his part and get big royalties. He wants to control the work operators, participate in editing and give tips to the director. Norton easily rewrites the script, improvises without measure and in every possible way violates the harmony on the set.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson

Many may think that Dwayne is a very kind person. Even in action films, where he has to fight the bad guys, Johnson does not look too formidable. And indeed, despite its size, the star of the films “Walking wide”, “Fast and the Furious” and Jumanji – very benevolent actorwho always tries to be positive.

It is a pleasure to work with him, Dwayne is often raffles sums of money among his colleagues, as happened after the end of the filming of the tape “Black Adam”… Johnson also has a heightened sense of justice, he entered into conflict with Vin Diesel in the production of the film “Fast and Furious 8”because he was regularly late and behaved incorrectly in relation to the technical staff.

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones.  Men in Black

The actor is known for participating in projects such as “Men in Black”, “Malavita” and “No Country for Old Men”… Tommy’s talent is an absolute value, during his career he played many roles and was remembered by the viewer. According to Jones, he always received the largest fees for frankly failed roles, so he does not consider the industry fair.

Exactly straightforwardness is the actor’s main drawback in the eyes of others. It’s not enough for Tommy to be just right – he likes to walk sharply on people who do not share the man’s point of view. Jones can easily leave an interview or even a set if he sees fit, and only a select few have seen his sincere smile.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks.  Forrest Gump

Before us is another actor, whose appearance is fully consistent with his internal state. “Forrest Gump”, “Green Mile”, “Outcast” – just a short list of masterpieces to which Hanks had a hand. Almost all of Tom’s characters are kind and sympathetic people, which fully reflects the character of the star.

Hanks’ partners on the set believe extremely balanced person… He is never angry or annoyed and is very attentive to his fans. Even if Tom is busy, he will carve out a minute to give an autograph or take a photo together.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe.  Mind games

Russell’s track record includes films such as “Gladiator”, “Mind games”, “Train to Yuma” and other unconditional masterpieces. Now Crowe is not so in demand compared to the beginning of the 2000s, and there is a quite reasonable explanation for that – directors fear explosive famous actor.

Russell’s favorite hobby is wave fists, moreover, the producers are its main victims. The reasons may turn out to be the smallest, as once strict regulations forced Crowe’s speech to be shortened, which made the actor instantly furious. It’s not uncommon for Russell to come and shoot drunk, which is not very welcomed by directors who have to stick to a schedule.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves

It is worth saying a few words about the star of the franchises. “Matrix” and “John Wick”… Keanu has long been perceived by the viewer as “his boyfriend.” Despite his enormous fortune, Reeves continues to lead the life of an ordinary person – he eats modestly, travels on public transport, communicates with people on the street and just enjoys inner freedom.

Keanu is also doing well on set. Love him colleagues and technical staff, Reeves knows how to joke and shows incredible professionalism when filming. The actor does not claim huge fees, because by his own admission, he has already earned enough money to comfortably spend another hundred lives.

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