• December 6, 2023

Airdrop of 5 games on Steam, EGS, GOG and Indiegala. Hurry up to pick up at the end of October

A new distribution is a new cause for joy. Notable digital stores again delight with their hands, allowing players to enjoy high-quality games in genres such as Strategy, Horror and Adventure

Airdrop of 5 games on EGS, GOG, Steam and Indiegala.  Hurry up to pick up at the end of October!

In GOG 20th October distribution of one of the famous strategies released by Paradox has begun – Europa Universalis II… The distribution ends 24th… We will tell you more about this project below.

New distribution from November 29

Europa Universalis II

Europa Universalis II is one of the iconic historical strategies that can provide a unique experience in the global struggle for domination around the world. The times were chosen very eventful: from the 15th century to the 18th. Here you can find not only Jeanne d’Arc, the national heroine of France, but also Napoleon Bonaparte – an emperor who wanted to conquer the whole world.

The player can interact not only with these, but also other really existing personalities… He is also able to influence the historical events taking place in the world events… Gamer myself is free to determine the path that the nation chosen by him will take. However, the consequences of the actions taken by him are manifested not immediately, but only with time

As the leader of a country, there will be a lot of time to be spent on the main task: finding balance between domestic and foreign policy. For this, the game offers the most carefully thought out system diplomacy… The systems of development, military power and trade have all undergone changes as well.

Card in Europa Universalis II

In addition to the culture familiar to many Europeans, as well as the Christian religion, the developers of Europa Universalis II added eastern directions. All this allowed us to make the game more deep on the issue of game mechanics.

Example. When concluding a peace treaty, a player can demand from another state any amount of gold, provinces and even diplomatic agreements. Only within reasonable limits.

So, the conclusion is the following: one of the best representatives of the Europa Universalis series offered a lot of new things. Various events, unusual alliances, a large number of actions and consequences – all this allows you to get unique memories.

Link to the game

Intro to Europa Universalis II

Interestingly, during the distribution of the second part of the game from GOG, Steam offered users the fourth part as part of the “free weekend”.

Let’s talk about this game below.

Four centuries of the most detailed history (from the 15th to the 18th century) offers a classic strategy game from the notorious Paradox company. As in the previous parts of the game, the gamer must lead chosen nation for a large amount of time, starting with renaissance and ending with processes in the 18th centurywhen there was a war with Napoleon.

The art of war, trade and diplomacy – this is what is proposed to change the player who has become the leader of the country.

In this game, the graphics have been significantly improved. Worthy of special attention game card… She, as many assure, is quite similar to the one in Crusader kings 2… Various changesspent in the fourth part of the game, as well as a large number of additions (16, Karl!) Allowed Europa Universalis IV to become the strategy that will be loved as much as the iconic Europa Universalis II.

The distribution is temporary: it started 2 days ago, and it will end on Sunday 25th.

Link to the game

Trailer for Europa Universalis IV

Now about the games from EGS. Being a fairly successful online store, Epic Game Store offers users every Thursday to receive various projects, albeit old, but quite interesting. The possible success with the Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and Kingdom New Lands giveaway prompted the management to come up with the next offer – give out Costume Quest 2 and Layers of Fear 2.

Let’s consider both projects in more detail.

Costume Quest 2

This RPG and adventure game is a sequel first part, where the main characters are children – Wren, Reynold, as well as their companions. They are confronted by a group of monsters and parents who want to end a holiday like All Saints’ Day or, as it is called in another way, Halloween

The spirits of the holiday, wishing to be saved, blessed the costumes of the children, giving them really cool ability… Controlling any of the characters, the player needs to save All Saints Day by all possible means. As for the gameplay – it’s from the first part practically unchanged… Therefore, fans will quickly find their bearings, and beginners will understand what is needed from them.

Costume Quest 2: Combat

For the final victory over evil, you will need to do the following:

  • explore the world and help people living in it;
  • carry out various tasks;
  • fight with enemies in turn-based mode.

Having gained the upper hand in the fight against monsters, the main characters will be able to save the holiday. And in the process, you can have great fun, which is what any game should give.

Link to the game

Trailer for Costume Quest 2

Layers of Fear 2

Horror has recently become extremely popular… Many studios make them hoping to surprise and amaze. So the creators of Layers of Fear 2 decided to do the same.

This sequel has nothing to do with the first part, despite the number 2 in the title.

The player will play the role of a little-known actor who is offered for fabulous sum of money go through a very unusual adventure in an old studio house. He sees this as a chance to become famous and, of course, agrees. He has a path full of different trials, some of which will make you risk your health… The constant change of environment, which is very confusing and gives rise to thinking about adequacy. Changes that are taking place right before our eyes. Will the main character survive all this or will he go crazy? All this is to be learned in Layers of Fear 2.

Layers of Fear 2: room

One of the features is the constant change of environment – a feature that was implemented by procedural generation… Each room is unique in its own way, the design is never repeated. Everything in her transformed almost instantly, it is worth changing the angle. The gamer is faced with a simple task – to survive in this “game of mind” and finish his adventure with dignity. This helps gameplay, audioand much more.

Layers of Fear 2 will appeal to many who want to enjoy a good storyline and gameplay, as well as love horror movies.

Link to the game

Layers of Fear 2 Trailer

And now – about the indie games site called Indiegala. She’s giving out a game called Copperbell.


This is a short project by the Bulgarian studio Zero Fun, which decided to tell a very an unusual story in the spirit of Eastern European fairy tales

The player is offered the role of a rather original character – copper bell… He has to go through difficulties in order to rid the forest that he loves so much from the evil spirits… All he can do while doing this is jumping and hitting. The unusual thing is that the world is completely and completely hand-drawn… The authors tried hard to make each element look as good as possible more authentic, which adds to the atmosphere depth and identity

On Steam, this project has not too many reviewshowever, many have already rated Copperbell with good marks.

Trailer for this Copperbell

All four projects for sure will find your audience. The gameplay, graphics and plot of these games will definitely delight the gamer, especially on the eve of Halloween.

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