• February 20, 2024

AirPods falling out of your ears? 6 useful tips

Each person has a unique ear structure, and AirPods are available in only one form. Apple does not at all consider the anatomical differences in the ears of different people. The current headphone shape is oriented towards the majority. There are also those 10% of people whose AirPods do not stick in their ears and constantly strive to fall out. We will try to help fix this issue.

Yes, AirPods are generally quite ergonomic and sound great. However, how can you enjoy the benefits of earbuds if they refuse to hold firmly in your ear? There are 6 ways to fix the existing problem.

Tip 1: Installing your headphones differently

Before purchasing an accessory, it is important to make sure that their shape fits. If in the usual position they do not hold well, you should try to change the position of the headphones in the auricle. It is worth inserting the earphone and turning it 30 ° in one direction and in the other. Often, in one of the positions, the headphones will “fall into place”. If this does not help, you should try to install them in some other way.

Tip 2: Using DamonLight Patches

This is by far the best way to prevent your headphones from falling out. DamonLight are silicone grips that absorb slip and vibration while running or walking. They greatly improve the usability of the headphones, and even improve the sound quality.

The overlays help AirPods fit more snugly in your ear. The person feels more confident, because the headphones do not slip, but remain in their place, no matter what the listener does.

There are many types of overlays, but DamonLight is one of those that fit easily into a case. They are among the few accessories that can fit in a case. Thus, you do not have to remove and put on the earbuds every time. It is enough to do it once and forget about overlays forever. Bulky pads are inconvenient to store.

Tip 3: Using EarBuddyz 2.0

They are the most popular rubbers, they have the highest number of purchases and the highest rating on Amazon. This is well deserved, because they have the correct shape, repeating the shape of the ear. Helps to securely position AirPods in your ears.

The material is based on soft, pleasant to the touch silicone, which seals the headphones. The main difference is the hook on top. The earbuds help the earbuds stay snug in your ear. You can run, jump, chop wood, whatever, and the headphones will remain in place. There is only one drawback – the pads have to be removed when stacking in a cover.

Tip 4: Using the EarSkinz 2

Not everyone likes hooks in onlays, as in the previous version, also because of the impracticality of storing them. In this case, EarSkins 2.0 is worth recommending. They improve the sound quality, the sound in AirPods feels much clearer and louder. Their shape results in a slight bulging of the material above the speakers, directed inward to the pinna. This shape also leads to an improvement in sound. You can also forget about falling out of headphones. True, they also do not fit into the case.

Tip 5: Testing SoundRound

The advantage of this method is its simplicity. The ear pads are reminiscent of the ear cushions of old headphones, which have proven to be quite comfortable. These overlays work pretty well on AirPods too. Their important advantage is their low price.

The pads can be put on quickly and without problems and do not just fly off the headphones. They are quite ergonomic, they sit in the ear like “family”. These ear pads fit easily into the cover.

Tip 6: Using AhaSound Ear Hooks

If all of the above does not work, the last way out is AhaSound Ear Hooks. These are special cases that improve the wearing comfort of the headphones. An additional plus – they increase the noise isolation of the headphones. Obviously, the pads don’t fit in the case either.

We hope that now the headphones do not fall out of the ears, but they began to hold on securely. All that remains is to enjoy the excellent sound of music at any time and in any activity.

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