• December 1, 2023

All about cooking and sourcing ingredients in Genshin Impact

Most of the time, Genshin Impact players fight all sorts of opponents and explore the open world. Of course, this whole gameplay is diluted with gameplay elements inherent in all gacha games and modern RPGs. And perhaps cooking is one of the most interesting game mechanics in Genshin Impact.

Cooking allows you to restore health or even resurrect the main character and other characters in the group. In addition, food can provide a variety of useful bonuses that directly affect the experience gained from the game. And in order to cook a particular dish, you will need to get certain ingredients for this.

One part of the ingredients is completely calm in the open world, the other is bought exclusively in stores, the third is raw materials that must be processed before use. Want to know exactly how cooking works in Genshin Impact? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Basic Cooking Information

It is extremely easy to create dishes from ordinary ingredients, however, this process has its own nuances. Common ingredients are found on the ground, on trees, or dropped from enemies as loot. To prepare meals with common ingredients, you need to use a pot fire. You can literally cook right at the very beginning of Genshin Impact.

Stumbled upon an extinguished fire? No problem! Apply the element of fire to it to light it. Next, go to the pot and press the action button to bring up a list of the recipes available to you. The more often you practice a recipe, the higher your skill level for that particular dish becomes. At first, you will have to manually do the cooking, but once you reach a certain level of skill, the process will become fully automatic.

What does it mean to “manually cook”? Up to a high level of skill, you will need to bother with QTE mechanics. The more buttons you press correctly, the better the dishes will turn out. A well-prepared dish will give your hero and his comrades special bonuses that will come in handy both when exploring the open world and when fighting opponents.

Characters and their unique dishes

Fun Fact: Literally every character in Genshin Impact has their own signature dish. Take characters and experiment in front of the pot! Believe me, quite interesting dishes with their own unique bonuses and effects are waiting for you. Moreover, such dishes are even better than hand-cooked dishes on which you have perfectly completed all the QTEs.

Search for additional ingredients

More complex dishes require slightly rarer ingredients. After reaching the fifteenth level of the adventure, you will have the opportunity to purchase recipes for complex dishes from the hunter. The ingredients for complex dishes can be found in the Mordstadt store. What are complex dishes? Well, for example, you can roll a sausage out of a couple of steaks. Earlier we mentioned that some ingredients need to be processed – you can do this by the fire by opening the processing menu.

Good luck with your culinary endeavors at Genshin Impact!

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