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all the chips and life hacks how to identify the impostor or remain undetected

How to use abilities and rooms to identify a traitor. At the same time, it will be easier for a player who knows these chips to remain unrecognized if he is a traitor.

Among Us

Each of the locations of the Mira corporation has unique features that will be useful for the team to detect enemies. However, imposters can use them for their own insidious purposes.

Guide for Among Us

The popularity of Among Us, which recently skyrocketed, served as a pretext for the developers of InnerSloth to cancel the sequel. They took this step to focus entirely on the original game.

Actually, that’s the right decisionbecause many players are still trying to complete the mission of the Mira corporation, becoming an imperceptible impostor, using all kinds of abilities or completing all the tasks.

Many users with experience playing for any of the teams may not know about some additional featureshidden on each card. Using abilities specific to The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus, the ship’s crew will be able to identify and defeat traitors much easier… Nonetheless, impostors who have mastered this knowledge will be able to use it to their advantage

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How to identify a traitor in Among Us

Guide for Among Us

Abilities can be used as a means of capturing impostors or as a means of identifying them among teammates. While the results of using such features are useful during voting, they can slow down the execution of basic tasks. Therefore, their use is beneficial when it is necessary to obtain more specific information about the suspects.

Knowledge of locations with administrator access

There will be a console in the administration room, showing the entire map and the location of each player on it… However, no names or colors are displayed on it. Such an opportunity can be useful for confirming the words of the players about where they were and what goals they were pursuing. Also, with its help, you can catch traitors red-handed or fix the movement of the impostor through the ventilation shafts.

Moreover, observing the movements of a group of two or three crew members through the administrator console, you can become a witness of how one of the icons will disappear… This will indicate that one of the survivors was not who he claimed to be.

Detecting impostors through surveillance cameras

The security rooms on The Skeld and Polus allow players to monitor various locations and rooms on the map. There are no cameras on Mira HQ… On The Skeld, all cameras display images on one screen at the same time. On Polus, players need to manually switch between different camera views, so a little bit of discretion is essential.

Cameras can come in handy in a wide variety of situations. With their help You can catch impostors by surprise at the time of murder, pretense or travel through the ventilation

Keep in mind that if one color is displayed on one camera and then suddenly appears on another, then it is most likely an impostor.

Monitoring key indicators

On the Polus map, next to the office, there is vital sign console all players. Green color means they are alive, red – that they died recently. Grey – that they died some time ago. In addition, if a player leaves the match, it will be grayed out. Such opportunity may come in handy when you have noticed a group of several people… If one of the vital signs suddenly turns red, then the circle of suspects will noticeably narrow. It can also be used to record deaths that have not been reported for a long time.

Vital statisticsless weighty evidence compared to other gameplay abilities. However, it can be used as a confirmation of findings from the Admin or Security skills.

Tracking movements with Doorlog

Mira HQ has communication room… Inside is a console containing records of allwho crossed the intersection in the northeast of the map. Each of the three paths has a specific color: green – for the southwest, Orange – for the south-east and blue – for the north.

This data can be used to confirm the locations where team members performed their tasks. And also identify traitors if they went to (or came from) where the corpse was found.

Most importantly, Doorlog can be used to detect the movement of an impostor through ventilation… If the magazine shows inconsistent movement, it could be a traitor. For example, someone goes north, but is in the west of Mira HQ (or the movement is not recorded at all).

However, Doorlog has a limitation: it does not show who came from where. It notifies only about the fact of crossing the sensor.

How to win as a traitor in Among Us

Guide for Among Us

Despite the fact that teammates can use various abilities to get rid of traitors, impostors will try in every possible way to oppose them. Each type of ability provides inaccurate information, and enemies can use this to deflect suspicion from themselves.… The allies behind the console are also some of the suspects. Because impostors are free to access maps and provide people with their own version of the “truth.”

Blaming another via the Admin console

At first, it is important to remember that Admin does not identify player names and their correct color (all displayed in plain yellow). This feature can be effectively used in blaming civilian crew memberstrapped in the same room with impostor players. Or substitute a team of two in case one of them gets ambushed.

Since the admin console is accessible to enemies, it is fairly easy to find a lone victim and kill it using the ventilation shafts to move quickly.

Secondly, in matches with several impostors, one of them can constantly be near the admin panel and cover up his allies, convincing everyone of their innocence.

The most cunning plan, however, is to deliberately blame other traitors in order to gain the trust of peaceful players and put them to sleep.

Dodging CCTV Cameras via Security Console

Despite the fact that CCTV cameras cover a large area, there are a number of possibilities to get around them. For example, if someone is behind the Security Console, the corresponding camera will glow red. At such times, it is recommended to pretend to be a normal player and avoid killing or using ventilation.… Even if the perfect opportunity presents itself to do so.

But on the Polus map, there is no way to simultaneously monitor multiple cameras, so you can take a chance if necessary.

It’s important to know that cameras have blind spotsallowing impostors to remain unnoticed even at the time of the crime. And also sabotage of communications turns off any camera until it is repaired.

Security ability, as with the admin console, available for everyone to use, so impostors can come up with an alibi to his allies and refute the story of a simple surviving team member.

The trick with health indicators

Knowing how manipulate vital signs crew members, the impostor is a danger even to a group of people. Since the Vitals ability is used to identify traitors paired up with normal survivors, there is an opportunity to capitalize on this. To take them by surprise, it is recommended to use ventilation and avoid narrow corridors. Polus contains several disinfection chambers in which players will become easy targets for enemies.

It is even easier to carry out a public execution in a crowd, since it is not so easy to identify a traitor among a large number of people.

Deceiving motion sensors

At first glance, Doorlog may seem like a significant obstacle, but it is not. One of the options for overcoming it is the usual passage through the desired sensor, even if ventilation was used before.

Most likely, for this you will have to go back through the mine and go through the already legal way.

Besides, sensors have a 5 second recovery period after motion detection… If the impostor goes along with a peaceful player and manages to overcome the obstacle during this time, he will remain unregistered and receive an irrefutable alibi. If this trick failed, then you can always refer to the disappearance of the data on movements. After all, Doorlog saves only 20 records at a time.

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