• July 5, 2022

Among Us: 10 Best Ways to Survive

Among Us has become a salvation for many during the quarantine. The ability to play as a team is a blessing and a curse. Here are 10 tips to help you survive in the team.

Among Us

Playing Among Us, players will learn what real betrayal is. This project positions itself as a party game, but there is no right to betrayal among the team. Explore with us life hacks that will help the group succeed, and the impostors will have a well-deserved fate.

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Know the map

Among Us

If gamers have ever learned anything about survival in Dead By Daylight, it’s that the best place to start is by examining the map. Among Us shares this position and adds its own intrigue and ship-bypass strategies.

Exploring the map fixes several problems at once. The attacker is usually one of the last to enter the room., so getting there quickly helps to test the innocence of others. In addition, the efficient execution of tasks from room to room saves the group from the idea that these heroes have time for any sabotage.

Watch the clock

Among Us

Among Us provides a unique method of controlling a team – time. Players are used to answering the questions of what, where and how. However, one question remains overboard, and it is he who will help identify the traitor.

The key to weeding out infiltrators is when. Players who track when sabotage and assassination events occur have a huge advantage. They can mark who was in the area and who was not at the time of the tragedy.


Among Us

New players make key mistakes when they bump into their first dead body. They run away, take position directly above him, or wait a few minutes before reporting.

Don’t get hung up on this. Report corpses immediately. Escaping from the scene of the crime is an instant charge. The motivation for the beginner’s actions is clear: you need to justify yourself, but the longer the crime goes unnoticed, the less opportunity for your teammates to figure out who may or may not have been the killer. Make like Scorpio from Mortal Kombat and tell everyone: “Come here!”.

To work a lot

Among Us

Nintendo games are famous for ridiculous hard mode settings. The only way to get close to them in this game is if the players make it harder for themselves. Because the quests are incredibly simple. So simple, in fact, that they should be done rigorously and without hesitation.

A complete task log means you don’t have time to commit serious crimes. Seeing as a comrade fills all of his time with hard work, the team realizes he is not snooping… Declaring your innocence is as easy as getting rid of these significant tasks.

Participate in all activities

Among Us

Don’t ignore sabotage. New players tend to run desperately in search of the impostor after the sabotage is over. The intention is admirable, but the action is futile. The agent knows to flee the scene and will not show up until it is safe to do so.

Sabotage is a unique opportunity for identification. Fixing Destruction automatically grants the status of a helpful teammate. Also, observing those who quickly helped, you can identify the comrades loyal to the ship. Even if Kratos needs allies in God of War, then you shouldn’t hurt to have them in Among Us.

Use security cameras

Among Us

Another amateur mistake is to camp near CCTV cameras and constantly check the log. All these changes are registered automatically, so you do not need an active person to view them, just someone who passes by after the event is enough to see who was where.

Instead of doing frequent checks, check once after completing multiple tasks or after something serious happens. Impostors will use vents to get around obstacles, and the CCTV camera will notice someone mysteriously walking from northwest to southeast without being spotted anywhere in between.

Timely use of the scanner

Among Us

The difference between a good and a bad medic in video games is huge. Those who play Team Fortress 2 with a Doctor in need of improvement are losing more than winning. Fortunately, Among Us has a simpler injury check system.

When a teammate enters the med bay, check it with the scanner. If it glows green, it is the one and only a simple way to 100% confirm the innocence of a party member.

Tactical emergency encounters

Among Us

There are two misguided ways to conduct emergency appointments: do it by guessing or not at all. Both are fatal and will lead to disaster for the entire crew.

The emergency room is not a scary place to avoid. Take a note at the beginning and see how many meetings are allowed. In most cases, this is one fee per player. So if you can completely exonerate at least one person or narrow the list of suspects to just a few names, call a meeting immediately. This information will allow you to focus on other team members in between meetings.

Know when not to work

Among Us

Dying is not fun in any game, unless the player kills. Ask any Final Fantasy fan, death is never easy. In Among Us, it is difficult for ghosts to speak directly to players, but this does not completely interrupt communication.

Ghosts are still required to complete their tasks. They can also see that the scout is moving through the vents and is a scoundrel. While in the presence of the saboteur, stop performing any tasks and wait for the traitor to leave. This erases any alibi they had before.

Keep your buddies close

Among Us

Although the microphones are muted for most of the game, it allows you to hang out with friends on Skype or Discord. Especially after tasks have been completed, communicating with teammates as they check their roster protects all group members. Plus, when two teammates vouched for each other at the next meeting, that would be a serious argument.

Among Us is a friendship game. Before us appeared a detachment of space pioneers who deserve the title of heroes. Rooting out traitors with the help of teammates is essential for everyone’s safety. And if one of the friends is interrupted for a time during which something terrible happens, then it will be possible to identify the culprit much faster.

If you want to become a Master Among Us, our small guide will help you. Don’t waste your time, the traitor is near!

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