• July 5, 2022

Among Us mod for new characters

This Mafia simulator on PC is fun to play only the first few skating rinks. After the situation, only mods are saved, for example, the ability to expand the list of available positions on the ship. Stop being just an unnamed crew member, it’s time to get busy.

Most players, having lost interest in Among Us, start using cheats. However, true connoisseurs of the game know how much it spoils the gameplay for other people. That is why we do not recommend using cheat codes, but interesting modifications – we recommend and share an unusual option. #00ffff;”>Mod for new roles in Among As gives the player the opportunity to play as 4 new characters. An ideal addition for large companies.

Download and install the mod for additional roles

It is quite simple to install the modification on Among As, the main thing is to strictly follow the instructions. For the add-on to work properly you need:

  1. Download the addon from our website.
  2. Open archive.
  3. Turn on steam and click on the game with the right mouse button. Select “Browse local files“In the category”Control“.
  4. A folder will open. Transfer all mod files to it.
  5. Turn on Among As and wait for the download (it will be long).
  6. If you did everything correctly, the name of the modification will appear in the upper left corner of the main menu screen.

Please note that for the mod to work properly, it must was installed at once for all players. So send your friends the link to this article to experience the incredible thrill of playing with new characters together.

Download mod for additional roles for Among Us


DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru

What positions does the modification add?

character infographics

In the real tabletop mafia, there are not only criminals and civilians, but also other important roles. This mod added four of them to Among As:

  • Medic. This hero can protect any character with his shield. Protection works until the doctor himself is alive. Also, the physician has the opportunity to get a hint to identify the traitor if he personally found the victim’s body.
  • Officer. He can remove characters he dislikes. He needs to find a traitor and deal with him personally, but not harm the civilians.
  • Engineer. Once per game, it is able to eliminate the accident, regardless of where it is now. Bonus feature: can use ventilation.
  • Joker. A player who has no role. Wins when thrown from the ship instead of the impostor. Has no tasks.

Thanks to these roles, the game becomes harder and easier at the same time… On the one hand, team members get more opportunities to find out who exactly is the traitor. However, at the same time, they develop abilities that make them easy to confuse with an impostor.

This unusual mod for Among Us a huge number of customizable options. You yourself can decide what information the medic will receive, how to display the Joker, or change the chance of manifesting one or another role.

If you don’t like mods for Among As, then try testing yourself in vanilla with our survival tips. We also have a good guide on how to play as an impostor. Do not forget to look at the TOP of the best pets.

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