• May 29, 2022

An overview of all elemental elements in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, everything is based on various elemental elements. The protagonist of the game can use all seven elements, while each of the selected characters can have only one specific element. Literally each of the elements has their own unique perks, talents, and even reactions with other elements. Let’s take a closer look at each of the available elements …

Elemental Elements in Genshin Impact (as of October 2020)

So, in Genshin Impact there is the following set of elemental elements:

  • Wind – Anemo;
  • Morod – Cryo;
  • Nature – Dendro;
  • Lightning – Electro;
  • Earth – Geo;
  • Water – Hydro;
  • Fire – Pyro.

At the moment, your main character in Genshin Impact can only use two elemental elements: wind and earth. The rest of the elements will open in the near future, according to the statements of the developers from miHoYo. However, the characters in your squad can safely use each element from the list above. If not you, then at least comrades – it’s already good.

Wind – Anemo

Wind is the first elemental element that will open to you in Genshin Impact. The wind has 2 perks and 3 talents. Of course, the wind can be used to fight opponents, but its main feature is the “Whirlwind” ability, which makes it easy to combine this element with other elements. For example, by combining wind and frost, you create a kind of snowstorm, and combining wind and fire – a fiery hurricane.


  • The piercing wind. Increases the last attack in a chain that has a wind element by 60%.
  • Second wind. After destroying an enemy with the Palm Whirlwind combat talent, your character will recover 2% of the total health bar every second for 5 seconds. Simply put, in 5 seconds, if you do not receive damage, you will restore 10% of your health.


  • Foreign wind. Expands the combo up to five conditional hits, enhances normal and strong attacks, can deal double damage if the element of wind is present in the combo. The talent consumes quite a bit of character stamina.
  • Palm swirl. The hero releases a ball-shaped wind from his palm, which deals damage to enemies and knocks them back. Other elements can be mixed with a ball-shaped wind, for example, fire or frost.
  • Strong impulse. Creates a small-sized hurricane, which, slowly moving in front of the player, sucks in nearby opponents. As with other attacks, you can combine other elements from the list above with a strong rush.


Earth is an elemental element that is primarily aimed at protection and mobility, nevertheless, the same element grants the player an increase in damage done. It should be noted right away that the element of earth is largely superior to other elements when it comes to destroying all kinds of barriers in the open world of the game. The earth has a similar ability to “Whirlwind” – “Crystallize”. Thanks to this ability, you can create a special barrier around your character that significantly reduces the damage inflicted by opponents. What about your attacks? Well, every hit with the use of the element of earth has a chance to crystallize the enemy and reduce his magical power, plus fragments can fly out of the enemy, picking up which you will increase the strength of your barrier.


  • Shattered Dark Mountain. Reduces the cooldown of the Starfall Sword combat talent by 2 seconds.
  • Crazy landslide. Deals 60% ground damage in a specific area to all enemies that were hit by the last attack in your combo bundle.


  • Foreign stone blade. An ability that is very similar to the Outlander Wind ability of the wind element. The difference is that the charged attack has earth damage, not wind damage.
  • Starfall sword. Allows the player to summon a small asteroid that deals damage over a fairly large area. Fun Fact: An asteroid can be used as a trip that will help you get to interesting places in the open world.
  • The awakening of the earth. An attack with a wide radius, pushes the enemy away from the player and inflicts earth damage on them, plus opponents who fall under it have a chance to crystallize. In addition, the attack erects a wall behind which you can hide from the attacks of enemies.

Effects and reactions of elements among themselves

That’s right, your hero can only be controlled by two elemental elements, at least for now. However, as we said, this does not apply to your companions. Let’s take a look at the basic effects and the most interesting combinations of elements!

  • The burning effect occurs when you attack an enemy with a fire element.
  • The combination of water and lightning will allow you to electrocute your opponents.
  • Soak your enemies well with the Water Element and then apply the Frost Element to them to freeze them. It is clear that the damage to a frozen enemy is much higher than to a non-frozen one.
  • Freeze the enemy with the element of frost, and then use the element of fire to melt the enemy.
  • We hit the area with the elements of fire, after which we add a lightning element to it to create an overload reaction.
  • To create a superconducting reaction, use an area frost attack and then add a lightning element to it.
  • Whirlwind is an effect that we described in detail just above.
  • To evaporate unwanted personalities, use the element of fire in conjunction with the element of water – you will get steam.
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