• September 28, 2023

Apex Legends “Winter Express” – Best Healing Hideouts

This happens even with the best players in Apex Legends: in the midst of a battle, you receive critical damage and you are forced to urgently look for a secluded place where you can heal and restore shields. To do this quickly and not run into a bullet, you need to know well all the features of the location. The “Winter Express” mode is still quite new for many players, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the guide on the most convenient and reliable places for treatment, as well as related useful skills.

By train

There are several relatively safe areas inside the Winter Express, most notably a small corner at the back. Although you can be seen through the window, for most players this is one of the safest options to wait out the healing time on the train. The front of the first car is also a good spot if there are no players on the street at the time.

At stations

While at Fool’s Gulch and Freightyard stations, your chances of safely healing yourself depend largely on luck, the other three stations have a number of the most well-located hideouts:

  • Under the bridge (Derailment station). There is a gap in the ground near the train tracks at Derailment Station, forming a small bridge. Beneath it is the perfect hiding place for complete recovery.
  • Inside the building at the Central Station. Go down the stairs and round the corner, then hide by a tree or at a table to heal. The battle starts right up the stairs, so you can quickly get back.
  • Behind the side doors (Refinery). Regardless of your upright position, you are an easy target in a refinery. The safest thing to do is to slip out of the building, heal, and then return to battle.

Legends with escape skills

Some characters are adept at escaping the battlefield very quickly. Here are five Legends with abilities to do just that:

Loba – has a jump bracelet, which makes it possible to teleport directly to cover.

Rafe – skillful use of the tactical skill “Into the Void” and the special skill “Breach” will give you the opportunity to escape for treatment.

Mirage – the creation of holograms distracts opponents for the time of escape and healing.

Octane – the “Stimulator” skill will increase your running speed by 30 percent.

Bangalore is capable of creating a smokescreen, which is ideal for when you need to heal.

Offensive strategy

Obviously, a wounded opponent, practicing healing, is the most simple target. If you decide to win the match at any cost, you should often look into the above-mentioned shelters and other hard-to-reach locations.

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