• September 29, 2022

Army of the Dead: how Chris D’Elia was replaced

Comic book lovers did not have time to digest Justice League and sing praises to your main character – Zach Snyderhow the director started a new project.

Army of the Dead: Emergency Replacement of a Criminal Actor in an Already Made Movie

Picture “Army of the Dead” was conceived as an exciting attraction in the best traditions of an adventure action movie, but circumstances a little blurred the result of the filmmakers’ work.

History of the issue

Chris D'Elia.  Sex scandal

It cannot be said that Chris D’Elia – a particularly well-known and popular representative of the acting workshop. On his account there are several works in serials, as well as medium-sized full-length films that have not received public recognition. However, Chris was called to one of the roles in the film. Army of the Dead and he even managed to star in the tape.

The post changed everything Simone Rossi, who stated that D’Elia molested her when the girl was only 16 years old. Chris showed wild imagination and sought out dates with a teenagerobviously for what purpose. According to Simone, the only thing that kept her from meeting was having a boyfriend, although it sounds rather strange. Probably, the presence of common sense today is not able to save a young girl from such an adventure.

Simone Rossi accused Chris D'Elia of harassment.

Photos from the site: https://www.walikali.com/simone-rossi/

Rossi’s post was the beginning of the end for Chris – in the comments below. other victims of the actor unsubscribed… If you believe their words, D’Elia more than once tried to get close to minors, asked them to take personal photos and did not look like a gentleman at all. Also published correspondence allegedly with the participation of the actor. Chris had to play criminals in movies, so it’s not hard to imagine that he went too deeply into the role and failed to get out of it to this day.

Consequences of the scandal

Army of the Dead.  Poster.

Photos from the site: https://kogda-vykhodit.ru/filmy/data-vyhoda-filma-armiya-mertvecov-2.html

Naturally, no victims failed to provide substantive evidenceand Chris rejected all accusations with an imperturbable air. Intervened in the matter company Netflix and ordered to cut d’Elia from the movie, in order to avoid its appearance in the picture. Of course, the situation is associated with serious financial expenses, but the reputation losses of the service could be much more significant, so such a decision is fully justified.

They decided to replace Chris with a stand-up actress Tig Notaro, scenes from which were filmed separately and transferred to tape using a green screen. I also had to resort to modern computer graphics to achieve the required level of reliability. The contract was broken with the disgraced actor and left him to languish in uncertainty, because today it is difficult to predict how the story will end.

Chris D'Elia and Teague Notaro.  Substitution of actors in the film "Army of the dead"

Photos from the site: https://newzandar.com/news/chris-delia-replaced-by-tig-notaro-in-army-of-the-dead-after-sex-harassment-allegations/

Meanwhile, the premiere of the film took place “Army of the Dead”, which was greeted by the audience quite cool. The studio gave Zach Snyder complete freedom of action and miscalculated – nothing similar in quality to Justice League or “300 Spartans” we didn’t see. It seems that the director has bitten off more than he can swallow, and who plays in such a picture – Chris D’Elia or Tig Notaro – the viewer is completely indifferent.

However, it is simply impossible not to appreciate the skill of people who were engaged in computer graphics. Replacements on the big screen cannot be recognized even if you know that one actor was completely cut, and the second was artificially added to the project.

Fate is not always favorable to the art world, as in this situation with Chris D’Elia. We are in a hurry to share with you our TOP-10 actors who were paid pennies for roles in cult films.

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