• February 21, 2024

As always, winning a battle in Minecraft: secrets and life hacks

The cube pixel sandbox changed the world a long time ago – even 10 years later, this game is constantly updated, discussed on the net and diluted with modifications. Despite the amount of buzz around, many topics are often ignored. Alternatively, a combat system with interesting mechanics and rules.

Header image.  Battles in Minecraft

Battle beginners dislike – too often skirmishes with enemies turn into an impassable test. But every time running from the same spiders is pointless. The time has come to fill in the pauses between construction, crafting and resource search with almost gladiatorial battles and figure out how how to win always and why you shouldn’t run right away from where the scream of a zombie or the clatter of bones comes from.

Finding resources and preparing ammunition

Bow and arrow in Minecraft

It is impossible to increase your own effectiveness in battle without the right equipment. But even an iron sword, assembled on a workbench from found ingots, can significantly facilitate survival. Third-party resources are also useful, including feathers (why not start a chicken farm?), Flint, or potions for crafting arrows. The faster the plan for further actions is thought out, the easier the battles will become and more space for general progress will appear, because the same sorties underground will cease to scare the unknown and the risk of losing equipment… What to worry about if the base is full of supplies?

Enchant and equipment upgrade

Enchanting items in Minecraft

Enchanting in Minecraft does not become available immediately, but closer to the time when there was a chance to visit neighboring dimensions, collect supplies and prepare a table for enchanting. But this is even better – that fragile balance of complexity is preserved when the battles are still interesting, and the main attractions have been explored.

Enchant in Minecraft are beneficial in many situations – make it easier to collect resources, and also increase damage and add special effects, such as damage from fire.

The sword is all over the head

Swords in Minecraft

For unknown reasons, every broken stone block, felled tree and straightened piece of ore in Minecraft is used exclusively for construction, and less and less often for crafting equipment and weapons. Why this happens is unknown, but when trying to build a new mansion or skyscraper, you should at least occasionally think: “Will there be any resources left for assembling a new sword?“.

If so, then it’s time to get back to construction. Otherwise it is recommended prepare weapons first, and only after that focus on side matters.

The space around is part of the combat system

Minecraft place of battle

They think about free space in Minecraft only when placing blocks: to maintain symmetry, many enthusiasts draw outlines of the future virtual mansion almost on a real piece of paper. But for some reason, no one thinks about the position in battle or about placing blocks to defeat opponents.

But after all an unexpectedly placed block will save zombies from strikes, and a web thrown at the feet of a skeleton will greatly slow down movement (the trick won’t work with spiders). The space around is delimited in a similar way: no one bothers to artificially recreate obstacles, break blocks under other people’s feet, or even push enemies down the cliff. A trifle, but the battles will definitely become easier.

Nowhere without a shield

The shield is the basis of protection in Minecraft

Shields in Minecraft did not appear immediately – earlier, the developers did not even imagine the possibility of adding a full-fledged combat system with attacking attacks and defense. But after the updates, similar mechanics appeared and the shield became an almost irreplaceable part of the survivalist’s equipment.

And it’s not even about blocking the same bone arrows or zombie strikes, but about much more terrible things. For instance, the shield is capable of surviving up to 15 creeper explosions without breaking. With such an assistant, even forays to the ends of the earth are not scary. Problems will arise only if the protection is not set up quickly enough or at the wrong time. And further: shields and swords are combined – you just need to correctly fill the available slots in the inventory.

Water and flame

Artificial intelligence of monsters in Minecraft is controversial – sometimes the same skeletons are first able to organize something similar to an ambush, and then – to start an interracial war over a couple of inaccurate shots. Such a tangible difference between the actions of opponents must be applied in battle. There are plenty of ways, especially deep underground, where there are plenty of sources of water and lava.

The same waterfalls with “puddles” greatly slow down opponentsand the spreading lava deals damage over time and makes survival easier. It is recommended to rely on unpredictable terrain all the time – the sooner a way to influence enemies is found, the easier it is to switch to the next tasks and eliminate at least the slightest chance of dying.

Investments in armor

Minecraft armor

Ore or diamonds found underground in Minecraft are often melted into tools: someone lacks a pickaxe, and someone has long dreamed of a turquoise sword or an iron bucket. But instead of items and equipment, it is more useful to immediately start preparing the armor. Helmet, breastplate, boots – the better the combat equipment, the more serious the chances of surviving the battle, and at the same time surviving in a collision with a creeper that sneaks up on.

And ne should ignore the iron set of armor – only 24 ingots, and protection is already enough for fearless forays into abandoned mines. But the same iron shovel or hoe will still wait for their turn.

No rush

Controlling emotions in Minecraft

Courage is an irreplaceable quality in Minecraft: only those who are strong in spirit are capable of fight fearlessly with zombies and skeletons, creepers and witches. But besides courage, composure will not hurt, and at the same time patience. There is no need to start every battle with furious attacks with almost no respite: failure to comply with timings can lead to damage and loss of equipment after an unexpected death.

It is much more profitable to choose alternative scenario of actions: arm yourself with a shield, choose the time for attacks, correct the direction for strikes and move in a timely manner. Immediately not everyone can master the skill of “fighting dance”, but that’s what patience is for: you have to experiment, develop skill and accuracy, fill the bumps, but strive for perfection.

Distance control

Minecraft bows

Although swords in Minecraft have impressive combat power and are applicable in each of the battles (even in cases where there are more than 3-4 enemies in a close location) ignoring the same bows and arrows is pointless. Ranged weapons are useful when dealing with creepers, facilitate the fight against skeletons and allow you to immediately take a suitable tactical position and separate opponents. With sufficient dexterity, bows are applicable even at short distances, but only if the shooting occurs along with short dashes: no one should be allowed too close.

Hard to learn – easy to fight

Minecraft skill and experience

Often beginners avoid battles in every possible way: the reason for this is the fear of making a mistake, perishing and losing the accumulated equipment. But in vain, because the combat system is an important part of the Minecraft gameplay, adding “peppercorn” to the usual survival and changing the idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe sandbox. An annoying scenario, including crafting, construction, and rare forays into neighboring biomes for resources, needs to be diluted. And the more often the better.

And even without battles do not look into abandoned mines with skeletons, do not fight on a dark night with zombies unexpectedly sneaking up. Even a lost battle and lost equipment in Minecraft is a new experience. Why sit back at the base, when the virtual universe gives you the opportunity to take risks, experiment and acquire the experience necessary at least to fight the Ender Dragon.

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