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Best Action Adventure of 2020 – Watch Dogs Legion

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020. One of the new products in 2020, which fans of computer games, as well as plots related to hackers, are waiting for is Watch dogs… Ubisoft after the first two parts offers absolutely unique project

Official trailer with gameplay demonstration

Watch Dogs Legion Review

Watch dogs legion

#00ff00″>release date: October 29, 2020

New game #ff0000″>Watch dogs legion offers a unique experience. First of all, thanks to the plot.

According to him, London is occupied from two sides. With one – PMCAlbion“, Whose head is unprincipled and tough Nigel Cass. With another – ctOSwhich according to the lore of the universe Watch_Dogs passed tests and is fully used as a city management system.

It is no better in other areas either. London intelligence services use ctOS as an ideal tool for spying and controlling public opinion. The media use it to broadcast only the necessary news. Criminals are getting smarter, doing all their dark operations in secret from ctOS, and at the same time continuing to profit from defenseless citizens.

Dedsec (a group that appears in all parts of the game) is accused of riots, and now every member of this group is being hunted. She became the face of resistance and the hope of getting rid of the yoke that London is in. You are one of the resistances and can not only liberate the city, but also recruit residents of London (almost everyone can become a member of Dedsec, even grandmother).

But you can play not only as one hero. This project introduces the possibility character selection… Each of them has its own characteristics: someone is a good fighter, someone is a great hacker, and someone has the skills of an assassin (but no, this has nothing to do with Assasin’s Creed, another Ubisoft project).

Watch Dogs Legion: character selection

There is another feature that the developers call “permanent death“. If a character dies, he will no longer be resurrected and cannot be played. This, interestingly, is reflected in the dialogues of the rest of the surviving heroes.

The graphics in this part have become even better. The city has become more lively due to more NPCs. The sound row will also not leave anyone unhappy.

Where to buy Watch Dogs Legion

You can buy this game in Ubisoft’s branded store – Uplay and in EGS.

Watch Dogs Legion: one of the possible characters

Three editions are offered:

  1. Standard. Just a game and nothing else.
  2. Gold. As a reward, you can get the “Golden King” set, which includes a golden mask, a car and a pistol, as well as additional episodes with tasks and unique heroes.
  3. Ultimate. Everything is the same as in the Gold Edition, but another 4 weeks of VIP status in multiplayer.

Watch Dogs Legion system requirements

Watch Dogs Legion system requirements

System requirements may change closer to game release.

Watch Dogs Legion, with its innovations, offers unique game mechanics and enjoyable gameplay that will allow you to experience delight as you plunge into the world of conquered London.

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