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Best MMORPG games for PC

MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Their peculiarity lies in the gradual development of the character and his abilities. True, this takes a lot of time. The genre originated during tabletop role-playing games, which eventually grew offline, then online. Players have the opportunity to explore the worlds and pump heroes at their own discretion. One of the first hits among three-dimensional projects was EverQuest, its popularity is still only trying to repeat modern projects.

Since the late 90s, the world has seen hundreds of MMORPG games on the computer, some of which have become firmly embedded in the memory of gamers. Even among the good projects, there are the best ones. They were chosen for the ranking of the best MMORPG games.

Best Anime MMORPG: MapleStory

The game was launched back in 2005 and has become one of the leaders of the genre. Haruhi Suzumiya quickly became an iconic character, with her participation in the Gaia Online and Lucky Star projects. At the start of the project, MapleStory allowed gamers to be transported into an advanced 2D MMORPG world with extensive character customization options. In an effort to become the strongest defender of the world from the Dark Mage, the players united in groups, traded and participated in massive battles.

During its existence, the world of MapleStory has undergone significant changes, but the game has managed to maintain the same fun that it gave in the beginning. Now as many as 40 character classes are available inside, an endless stream of tasks, a large number of potential friends and enemies.

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Best MMORPG Franchise: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Since 2011, when Bioware’s Star Wars series was launched, it has become a haven for fans and beyond. The project was able to immerse players in a unique universe that existed before the advent of the 3 prequels. There are 8 character classes to choose from serving the Galactic Republic, and 10 types of heroes guarding the Sith Empire. A huge world teeming with danger and a gripping storyline thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin is what the franchise is still prized for today.

Now the world offers to plunge into the exploration of many worlds, take part in space battles and visit a separate site for battles in PvP. Star Wars fans will rightly appreciate that the game spills some detail on this fantasy world.

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Best Open World MMORPG: EVE Online

The creation of an MMORPG is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, which is why most projects stop at the initial stage of development. They offer a linear storyline, similar adventures, and more. EVE Online is unique in that it allows players to do just about anything. This decision allowed the project to remain relevant 17 years later.

EVE offers a choice of 4 character classes and travels to thousands of star systems. In terms of exploring new areas, the content is almost endless. The player can choose his own role in the world: become a merchant, turn into a bandit, follow the path of a mercenary, or all mixed up. The world is not just huge, but multifaceted. It allows you to create a universe around you and has room for everyone.

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Best MMORPG: Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series is truly legendary, absorbing in its beautiful world full of adventure. Everything around requires the participation of the player and his team. If you want to feel small amid the events of the world, one of the best parts of the franchise is Final Fantasy XIV. The advantage of the project is that it has the most balanced and precisely tuned world.

All the time, the character travels around Eorzea with many beautiful landscapes. He has to visit 4 large states and find something to do for himself. Inside there is a large selection of playable characters and many unique NPCs. Survival and development depends on teamwork and proper interaction with factions. A deep world that responds to the user’s choice allows you to create your own story.

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Best Sandbox MMORPG: Albion Online

A very old project, which has already formed its own economy, ruling guilds, ways to earn resources and money. For those who are tired of endless adventures and want to settle down, becoming an earner or a high-level representative of some kind of craft, Albion Online is perfect. The player can build his own house, equip it in any way, join or form his own community. The possibilities are so great that you can even create a small town.

For people who appreciate action and PvP, there is also entertainment: exciting battles, holding fortresses, capturing flags, and more. However, in Albion Online, the main thing is not the strength of an individual hero, it is important to properly organize the guild and draw up tactics. A beautifully polished world with an attractive design available on Mac, Linus, PC and Android is waiting for its heroes.

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Best Overall MMORPG: World of Warcraft

Previous games have made their own adjustments to the world of MMORPGs, making the genre richer. However, only the world of Warcraft has combined all the best developments. This is the most popular MMORPG game of all time. She takes you to the realm of Azeroth. The hero can choose his own character of a certain race and class. The main activities do not require the participation of a group of users, but to march on some bosses, you will have to team up.

With an abundance of character customization options, an incredible number of locations to explore, and a large number of guilds, World of Warcraft has it all. The popularity of the project is largely justified by the detailed setting of the world, the mass of professions, a large set of skills, and quests. The game also does not take much attention to the social components.

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Of course, there are dozens of great MMORPG games out there, but they have not been able to pass the test of time or are simply inferior in some aspect to the leaders of the list. What games do you think is missing from this list? Write about it in the comments.

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