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Best Nintendo Switch Game of 2020 – Little Nightmares II

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… Another rather interesting project. Its developer – Tarsier Studios – offers players a lot of new things that were missing after Little Nightmares, which was released in 2017.

Little nightmares ii

Little Nightmares II Official Trailer

Little Nightmares II Review

Release date: February 2021.

This project is a plot continuation of the first part of the game. The main characters are Sixth (the heroine of the first part) and Mono, and the user will have to play for the latter. The gamer’s companion is AI driven.

Interesting that Tarsier Studios this time they decided to depersonalize the hero by working on his appearance. The main feature of Mono is a paper bag mask… The developers do not explicitly say why he is wearing it, which makes the hero more mysterious.

The sixth will also be changed… She is a wayward person and can show herself in various situations. For example, when solving puzzles together, a girl is able to do everything on her own, without waiting for the player’s instructions. Mono, on the other hand, differs from her companion in her ability to defend herself, which she cannot do. In general, an ideal team.

Mono (left) and Sixth (right) in Little Nightmares II

The sequel offers not only a new protagonist, but also other locations. For example, the city where the Sixth goes after leaving Wombwhere she was in the first part of the game. Together with Mono, she must move towards Black Tower – a huge building controlled by a mystical person known to everyone as Speaker… The progress to this place is not easy. From there, incomprehensible signals are spread that can affect the inhabitants of the world of this game. Mono and the Sixth will be no exception.

One of the parts of the game, according to the developers, will be devoted to checking the friendship between the two heroes when their consciousness starts to change the signal from Towers

This part will also include new bosses and supporting characters… The graphics will be more intense as the action will now take place in the city. The sound series will be richer again because of the place where the game’s plot unfolds.

Where to Buy Little Nightmares II

As of September 2020, this game cannot be pre-ordered yet.

System requirements for Little Nightmares II

System requirements for Little Nightmares II

A unique project from Tarsier Studios offers a long-awaited continuation of the story. It remains only to wait until 2021, when the game is released, and enjoy it in full.

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