• December 1, 2023

Best Perks in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12

In the online shooter Call of Duty: Mobile, you can equip your fighter with perks to gain an additional advantage over opponents during matches. All modifications are divided into three color-coded categories: red, green and blue. Only three of them are available for simultaneous use – one for each color. Here we have compiled the best of each category perk currently available in Season 12 of the game.

Best Red Perks

Fast recovery

The “Fast Recovery” perk increases the speed of recovery of health points by 35 percent. It is unlocked by default.

Bulletproof vest

With the body armor perk, explosive damage is reduced by 35 percent, but keep in mind that it resets the time until a raised grenade detonates. The perk unlocks at level 36.


When using the perk, the progress of the streak is not reset after death, but its cost is doubled. It is valid for each streak of points once per match. You can unlock this perk at level 11.


After adding the Tactician perk, your fighter will respawn with an additional item of tactical equipment.

Best Green Perks

Cold blooded

The perk protects you from aiming automatic aiming systems, thermal imagers, etc. However, it does not affect manually operated techniques. Composure can be unlocked after the player reaches level 7.


Enemy UAVs will not be able to detect your position if you have the Ghost perk in your gear, which opens at level 47.


The Grounding perk unlocks at level 39. It makes you immune to jamming UAVs and EMP grenades, and also helps you get past booby-traps. In addition, the effect of the tracker perk on enemies is reduced.


Allows you to collect ammunition from killed enemies in an amount equal to the capacity of the magazine of the current weapon.

Best blue perks

A warning

Shows the general location of enemies on the minimap as they approach. You can unlock the Warning perk at level 51.

Demoman expert

Increases explosive damage by 25 percent. Available to unlock at level 17.


The perk notifies you with a pulsation when enemies out of your line of sight see you. You can also mark enemies, their equipment and vehicles when you aim.

Tactical mask

The tactical mask unlocks at level 42. It reduces the duration of the enemy’s tactical equipment by 40 percent.

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