• September 24, 2023

Best Simulator 2020 – Project CARS 3

Winner of the annual international exhibition of computer games Gamescom Awards 2020… Earlier there was a talk about races, but more arcade, where the winner was DIRT 5. However, there is another type of races – a simulator. In such games, the “behavior” of the car is more realistic, and the weather and landscape can affect the movement of the car.

Project CARS 3

In 2020, the winner in this category from Gamescom was the game Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 Official Trailer

Project CARS 3 Review

#ff9900;”>Release date: August 28, 2020.

This project is one of the best among the racing simulators. Developers Slightly Mad Studios for the third game in this series, they are trying to show how good they are at creating realistic races.

The third series is notable primarily for the changes in graphics and gameplay. The game has become even more realistic and dynamic. Lots of criteria can affect the behavior of the vehicle on the road, from the vehicle itself to the surrounding conditions. Changesconducted in this part will undoubtedly delight the potential audience of the project.

Example of high graphics settings in Project CARS 3Also, the game has a fairly large variety of vehicles. The user is offered many cars: how highwayand racing – more than 200 completely different copies.

It is worth highlighting a wide variety of settings, starting with the design and “insides” of the car, ending with the appearance of the pilot. This approach allows you to create a unique car with which you will go from a novice racer to the title of a legend.

The gamer will compete not only against bots in single player mode, but also against people in various types of network games. To defeat both those and others, you need to choose a powerful, fast car and be able to drive well. Not only speed will be important, but also accuracy in order to arrive first in the whole car.

Where to buy Project CARS 3

This racing simulator will be available on a digital store like Steam.

System requirements for Project CARS 3

System requirements for Project CARS 3

Project CARS 3 – a racing simulator, which is clearly created for those who love the genre of racing, as well as as much realism as possible in them. Excellent graphics, car physics and a large selection of models will allow almost everyone to find themselves in this game.

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