• July 1, 2022

Best Transportation in Subnautica: Below Zero (How to Get)

In the new game in the universe of Subnautics, there are several vehicles, both crafted and unique. Among them, there are 3 top options.

TOP 3 best vehicles in Subnautica: Below Zero

It is highly discouraged to stay in the underwater world for a long time and travel through its biomes without any protection. Despite all the beauty of the game world, there can be danger in the form of hostile creatures behind every reef or in a cave. Technique ensures safety, and besides this, it allows you to collect resources that are impossible to loot without transport.

Unlike the original Subnautica, Below Zero features other vehicles… Since there are few of them, you can make top 3 best vehicles in this part (arranged in descending order from third place to first).



Sailor”Is a must-have technique for any Below Zero player. This modular submarine is multifunctional, and also has an automated power system, thanks to which oxygen is continuously supplied to the cabin as long as the batteries are charged. The transport has a standard diving range of up to 260 meters.

To find fragments for the residential module “Sailor”, You need to investigate 3 biomes:

  • Thermal zone;
  • Thermal spiers;
  • Winding bridges.

To make a module from parts, you need drawing… To do this, you just need to scan the necessary resources for the assembly.

List of modules that can be added to “To the sailor”:

  • residential, has a bed and a jukebox;
  • manufacturer, designed for crafting equipment and tools (there is a storage);
  • separate storage module volume of 52 cells;
  • aquarium for collecting living things from the environment;
  • teleportation module to move to the “Seafarer” through the return device;
  • docking bay for attaching and holding the CRAB suit.

For “Sailor”There are 3 improvements. It is recommended to first increase the immersion depth of the vehicle, and only then move on to other upgrades.

Vehicle improvements available in the game (some are in development and may never come out):

  • accelerator to temporarily increase the speed while holding the Shift button;
  • energy efficiency module to reduce food consumption;
  • power upgrade to reduce the braking effect from attached modules;
  • 3 modules for increasing the immersion depth (up to 300, 650 and 1000 meters);
  • perimeter protection system for the release of an electric discharge of different power.

Thanks to the many modules “Sailor”Is adapted to various situations that can occur under water.

Costume “CRAB” Margaret


Costume “CRAB” Margaret allows you to penetrate into the most inaccessible places, where the “Sailor” cannot get. This huge mechanical fixture technique is very versatile thanks to its multiple enhancement modules. “CRAB” Margaret designed for traveling through difficult biomes with dangerous inhabitants. And if you install a drill upgrade, you can extract a huge amount of resources.

Important: this suit is the third modification of the regular “CRAB”.

You need to search for components in the following biomes:

  • mine “Koppa”;
  • the ship “Mercury II”;
  • station “Zero”;
  • excavation site “Phi”.

Improvements for the “CRAB” suit are installed via transport update console… There are 4 slots for basic upgrades and 2 for hand straps. You can replace modules with each other depending on the situation.

List of available upgrades:

  • 2 modules for increasing the immersion depth, the first up to 1300, and the second up to 1700 meters;
  • Boer for the extraction of large deposits of resources;
  • propulsion cannon, identical to the main one, but more powerful (allows you to attract and repel creatures and objects);
  • jetpackwhich allows you to fly higher, faster and longer than a standard jetpack;
  • storage module with an increase of 6 cells for each upgrade (you can have up to 24 cells);
  • energy efficiency module to reduce food consumption by 15%;
  • torpedo launcher on the arm, allowing the release of the appropriate ammunition;
  • hand-grip with a titanium cable, thanks to which you can attract some objects and cling to the protrusions.

The third modification “CRAB” with the postscript “Margaret” allows you to explore the most inaccessible places and guarantees the safety of the protagonist.

Polar fox

Polar fox

In “Below Zero,” the developers paid attention not only to underwater adventures, but also to surface exploration. “Polar fox”Is a new vehicle that is designed to move quickly on land and ice. The equipment does not work under water.

Find fragments for drawing “Polar foxpossible in the following places:

  • glacier valley;
  • Margaret Maida’s base;
  • center of robotics “Phi”.

Unlike most vehicles in both parts, “Polar fox”Has only 2 improvement modules. They are installed at the appropriate technical station.

What upgrades can be put on the all-terrain vehicle:

  • jump module for making high jumps;
  • ice worm attack reduction module, which greatly reduces the frequency of attacks by these creatures.

Polar fox”Is considered the best transport in Below Zero due to the unique gameplay that this“ hoverboard ”guarantees. Traveling on the surface with great speed in the game, most of which takes place under water, conquers from the first meters covered.

For a comfortable passage, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our complete guide to Subnautica: all the resources, where to find and how to use. Well, if you always thought that something was missing in the game, then try installing the mod on the map, and then the gameplay will immediately become much more pleasant.

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