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best warframes of 2021 [Рейтинг топ-10]

Warframe is one of the best freebies action RPG with proprietary combat mechanics. Instead of the usual character classes, the game offers a large number of warframes – futuristic exoskeletons with an individual set of skills and a number of standard combat characteristics (health, armor, shields, energy and running speed) for successfully confronting enemies in special operations.

TOP 10 Warframes in Warframe

In fact, the player can improve his first warframe in every possible way and show good efficiency in battles, however, Warframe has an extensive list of more improved models… You can get them is free (no donation), but crafting requires a certain amount of materials. In this article, we have collected TOP 10 warframes, which in our opinion are the best in the game

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Warframe - Sarina

As the high-tech incarnation of the plague, Sarina attacks enemies with Corrosion, Viruses and Toxins… Sarina specializes in slow destruction enemy:

  • The damage from her corrosive spores increases with the duration of the exposure, and when combined with the ability “Toxic whip” doubles up and transforms Saryn into a deadly melee warrior.
  • To quickly get out of the concentrated fire, Sarina uses “Moltu” and sheds the skin, leaving it as bait.
  • Skill Viral Damage “Miasma” inflicts additional damage to opponents in the affected area and exposed to the dispute.

A good ratio of health and protection characteristics, coupled with the ability to cleanse herself of negative enemy influences, make her an extremely effective fighter for a wide range of special operations.


Warframe - Wisp

One of Wisp’s unique abilities is “Wandering light”, which allows her to create a spectral copy of herself and send her forward in the form of glowing particles with the ability to instantly move towards her. As a warframe focused on mobility, she can create breakdowns in space and take opponents by surprise.

  • Through “Sources” Wisp summons particles of speed and health, which temporarily boost the characteristics of the warframe and its allies. Lightning particles additionally stun enemies.
  • Breakout splash rips open space and teleports Wisp to “Sources”
  • “Gateway to the Sun” open a portal to the star, striking nearby enemies with a stream of concentrated solar plasma.

When properly controlled, Wisp is another versatile warrior with a support function.


Warframe - Octavia

Actavia is a siren, the source of destructive forces of which is music… Melodies crafted and customizable in Mendachord are amplified while maintaining rhythm and inflict significant damage to enemies.

  • Percussion-focused songs launch “Hammer”, which rhythmically attacks nearby opponents and gradually accumulates its power in proportion to the damage inflicted.
  • “Resonator” Actavia is roller spectrum, distracting attention with the help of a charming bass accompaniment.
  • “Metronome” rewards the player for synchronizing their actions with the beat in the music with various buffs for speed, invisibility, multishot and damage.
  • “Amplifier” accumulates the volume of sound in the surrounding area, increasing the effectiveness of the squad and “Molotov”.

Each note is responsible for some kind of action (distraction or damage), therefore, when composing a track, it is important to take into account the overall effectiveness of the resulting composition and its integral melody.


Warframe - Sevagoth

Deadly Sevagot, spawned by The abyss, returned to begin his harvest. A universal warframe capable of being in two phases: basic and in the form of a Shadow. After death, he summons his Shadow and sends her in search of living souls.

Sevagoth’s abilities once again confirm his belonging to the forces of Darkness:

  • Through “Harvest” he unleashes his Shadow with the sole purpose of slaying enemies on his way and filling the Well of Death with their souls.
  • “Sowing” possesses a parasitic essence: the seeds of Darkness infect opponents, suck the life force from them and explode, dealing damage in the nearest radius.
  • “Darkness” generates a radial wave with the effect of slowing down and restoring health to allies at the expense of the enemy’s vitality.
  • After filling the Well of Death, the ability “Majestic Shadow” unleashes Sevagoth’s shadow form and transforms him into an invulnerable melee machine.

This skill set allows him to return to this world to make his own adjustments to the balance of the current battle.

Bark (Khora)

Warframe - Cora

The huntress Kora always pursues her victim, along with the faithful kavat, who provide her and her squad with support in the offensive. Thanks to live chains effect she attacks opponents with a combination of abilities using a whip.

Depending on the distance, Cora is able to apply the following skills:

  • “Kogtekhlist” inflicts deafening blows to enemies at long range with a certain chance of stunning
  • “Trap” Chains the target in a steel cocoon and makes it a convenient target for subsequent attacks.
  • Venari allows you to give orders to your companion and choose between attacking, defensive or healing factors of influence.
  • Choking Dome creates a trap of living chains with a large radius of coverage and deals damage to immobilized enemies.

And Cora also has Venari, who has a number of her own traits and unquestioningly fulfills her orders.


Warframe - Nova

Nova is a good example of light and fast, but destructive class a warframe whose skills allow you to focus on one enemy.

A passive skill emits an electromagnetic wave in a certain radius, which knocks down opponents and deals explosive damage to them if Nova is knocked down. A warframe is capable of:

  • Navigate instantly with “Wormholes”
  • Charge opponents with unstable antimatter through “Molecular charge”
  • Generate clots “Star of the Void” and attack opponents with them if they approach
  • Create an explosive sphere “Dumping the substance” and control it with a sight.

Thus, Nova affects targets with the help of antimatter and destroys all living things in the area that somehow threaten her or her allies.


Warframe - Misa

Misa is able to stun her enemies not only with dexterous shots, but also sense of style… Demonstrating the potential of ranged abilities, she initiates quick sweeps without the need for controlling abilities.

  • Her “Ballistic Battery” accumulates damage from shots.
  • “Peacemaker” allows you to shower enemies with a barrage of fire from pistols-regulators.
  • “Shooting gallery” enhances the damage done by an ally and increases the likelihood misfires enemy weapons.
  • Defensive skill is Fragment Shield, which is an energy barrier immune to enemy fire.

The lack of a melee slot, increased health and a passive gain in ranged weapon proficiency makes her a top-notch marksman.


Warframe - Trinity

Trinity is a support warframe capable of replenish health reserves allies right on the battlefield, but not having active offensive skills… A set of defensive abilities based on the healing art makes her one of the indispensable and highly valuable fighters.

Trinity’s combat arsenal has several interesting abilities:

  • “Source of Life”, activating which allied warframes begin to increase health reserves when dealing damage to opponents.
  • “Energetic vampire”that turns the highlighted target into a source of clean energy for allies.
  • “Connection”, redirecting received damage to the nearest enemy.
  • “Blessing”, restoring the characteristics of the team’s health and shields at the same time increased resistance damage within a certain radius.

Trinity is perfect for the role of a healer.


Warframe - Volt

Volt boasts incredible versatilitywhich allows him to remain effective throughout the entire game. His main passion lies in electricity… While moving, Volt’s passive ability generates an electrical charge that inflicts up to 1000 damage units and increasing the power of his skills:

  • Primary damage from ability “Shock” the chosen target falls, after which it cascades stuns nearby opponents.
  • “Acceleration” temporarily boosts the stamina speed characteristics of himself and his allies.
  • “Electrical shield” provides reliable protection in the form of an energy barrier.
  • “Discharge” oppresses the nervous system of nearby enemies and paralyzes them.

With this set of abilities, he can cover allies and contain the onslaught of several enemies at once at different ranges.


Warframe - Limbo

Limbo is a warframe capable of manipulating power other dimension… With a competent combination of abilities, including the ability to create miniature singularities, the hero inflicts devastating damage on opponents and in fact confirms his origin.

Thanks to his passive ability, Limbo gets into Fault – the layer between the Abyss and the material world – and becomes invulnerable to enemies. Warframe’s active skills include:

  • “Exile”that knocks allied and enemy teams out of reality and places them in the Rift.
  • “Stasis”that immobilizes enemies in the Rift.
  • Rift Charge, imposing negative factors on targets caught in the interworld and turning them into a source “Exile” upon returning to reality.
  • “Cataclysm”, initiating the formation of a black hole from the deadly Rift energy.

Defeating a warframe who has subordinated the laws of the universe itself is quite problematic.

Write in the comments if you agree with our selection and do not forget to share your favorite among the warframes in the game.

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