• December 5, 2023

Birthday gifts for WoT players

A new type of player reward that the developers have recently added.

Greetings, tankers! World of Tanks continues to expand the list of gifts for players. Moreover, not only veterans are encouraged, but also beginners. This year the game celebrates its 10th anniversary, so the developers are letting in intrigues, including with regard to gifts.

The first reward system is tied to the account registration date – Well-deserved reward… Annual distribution of gifts, depending on the years spent in the game. The list of awards there is large, the most interesting are reserves, bonds, silver, blueprints and of course 2 promotional tanks T-50-2 and Super Hellcat.

Low-level bonuses are given twice a year: for WoT’s birthday and New Year’s.

In a series of individual streams with the developers, they made references to the game’s decade and promised “A lot of special awards and gifts for everyone”… It sounds promising, but it’s almost mid-June, and there is no specifics yet.

But there is two pointsthat so far nothing do not comment developers, but added to the game

Gifts for participating in the preliminary testing of the patch. This system is still in development and we tested it just on the test of patch 1.9.1, which is due out on June 12. The players were shown what the “Unique Property Set” would roughly look like:

Recently, developers have been making rewards in the form of premium account days or reserves for simple combat missions to attract an audience to the test.

Also last month in the personal account of Wargaming added the ability indicate the date of birth… I apologize for the sluggishness, I got bogged down and forgot to write right away, but I stopped by today to unlink Twitch’s old account and remembered about it.

Now let’s get to the point.

So far, this feature has been introduced without official announcement. it definitely NOT to increase account security, because it is in another column and does not require you to enter the year of birth, only the day and month are enough.

Accordingly, no one will check this data, if for some reason you do not want to advertise personal data, you can enter arbitrary ones. BUT consider, what change later date it will be possible tonly a year later (365 days), which is clearly not done without a reason. Apparently, so that the players do not abuse the receipt of gifts.

Link to your WoT account

So far, no one has received any mailings, so we are waiting for an official statement. It is possible that DRs may simply offer a discount coupon or some unique offer from a premium store, but this still happens on ordinary days.

Given the situation in randomness and the partial churn of veterans, the developers clearly need new methods of rewarding players in order to improve the overall mood.

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