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Black Friday at WoT! Discounts up to 70%

The Black Market is resting! The biggest discounts of this year, what deserves attention?

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and to date we have collected all the current discounts in WoT timed to “Black Friday” and a brief overview of the technique to help you decide on the purchase.

The first three days, starting from November 19, sets with 3 tanks were released daily, and on November 22, a maximum discount of 70% became available. All offers are available until November 25 (8:30 AM UTC).

During the promotion, pumped and premium vehicles within the game client have their own discounts depending on the level:

Discounts on premium level 8 vehicles 25%

First part

T26E5 American Tier 8 TT. He has at his disposal a gun with good characteristics, decent armor penetration, fast enough aiming, and comfortable UVN. However, he has a small alpha strike and is not enough to withstand 10 levels of penetration on gold. Poor booking and mediocre maneuverability.

HWK 30 German LT level 8. It has good dynamics and high maximum speed, so it can cope with the role of active reconnaissance. A record review among classmates will help him in this. But it is worth remembering about cardboard armor, considerable dimensions and mediocre inconspicuousness, so after exposure, the tank is an easy target if it does not have time to hide it. The gun is accurate, the projectiles have a high flight speed, so it can sometimes try on the role of a sniper. In motion, the stabilization of the gun is not good enough.

Somua SM French TT level 8. The most interesting option in this set. It is one of the best farming tanks. Equipped with a loading drum for 5 shells with a potential damage of 1500 HP. At the same time, he has good armor penetration with the basic shell, which is an undoubted advantage for farming silver. Excellent UVN help with the implementation of damage. It boasts good frontal armor, which will cause problems for level 8 classmates. At the same time, he retained good dynamics. Of the tangible shortcomings, it has a long drum reloading and the incapacitation of any tanker, with the exception of the mechanic drive, will negatively affect the same reloading.

The second part of

VK 168.01 (P) German TT level 8 issued for a marathon. He has a large alpha strike but mediocre armor penetration. A good overview for its level and this is where its advantages end. It has a large number of vulnerable zones in the frontal projection, so experienced players can easily disassemble it. Reservations as a whole are not enough even against a single tier technique, and at the bottom of the list it turns into a whipping boy. Its large size, poor mobility and low maneuverability make it a vulnerable target, especially for self-propelled guns.

Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 German Tier 8 tank destroyer. Excellent dynamics allows you to take advantageous positions at the beginning of the battle. She has good accuracy, fast aiming, comfortable UHN and UGN, but poor stabilization of the gun. Has one of the highest stealth rates, but only as long as it does not fire. In view of this, the lack of armor and a very low visibility makes itself felt. And if you keep at a long distance, then there is a lack of armor penetration, because the base and special shells are sub-calibers, the penetration of which decreases with distance.

Lorraine 40 t French Tier 8 CT. Possesses excellent mobility with fast acceleration comparable to LT. At the same time, it has a large mass, which allows you to effectively take light targets on a ram. A gun with a 4-round loader drum and a potential damage of 1200 units has good armor penetration, so the tank farm is excellent. In addition, there is a good overview and cross-country ability, so even when cornering, the speed loss is insignificant. The disadvantages are also tangible: large dimensions with poor armor lead to frequent module crits and crew concussion, which again, in most cases, will affect reloading.

This car can be recommended for purchase if your skill level is above average. Considering that after the rebalance of the shells it will be decided by the vehicle with high armor penetration with the basic shell, then Lorca can become one of the best premiums.

The third part

Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC British Tier 8 CT. A versatile fighter on the battlefield, because he has vision for illumination, an accurate and penetrating weapon for shooting damage, a tower strong enough to play from it due to excellent UVN and good mobility to take important positions. There are also drawbacks, but quite tolerable: small one-time damage and a long reload time, weak hull armor.

Quite a worthy option in terms of price / quality ratio. He will fully work out his amount in battle, coping well with the farming function.

ELC EVEN 90 French LT level 8. The smallest and most inconspicuous level 8 ltshka. The low silhouette and small dimensions allow using almost any bush to increase camouflage, which makes it the best tank for passive reconnaissance. “Yolka” will cope well with many LBZ, where it is necessary to transfer intelligence. High maximum speed allows you to occupy a bush that is beneficial for light in the shortest possible time. The gun has good alpha and good HPA, but very weak armor penetration, long drum reloading, poor stabilization, mediocre aiming time and accuracy. Therefore, you should not even think about shooting damage. Survival is bad: the maneuverability is poor, the dynamics are so-so, so it will be difficult to get away from pursuit, while there is no armor, respectively, vulnerability to land mines. Due to the low mass, you should beware of a ram, and you have to pay for the compactness with the high criticality of the modules.

ELC EVEN 90 is a very specific car, not everyone can play on it. But fans of French LT are happy, in the hands of an experienced player, the machine is able to decide the outcome of the battle (but it is very dependent on the accuracy of allied shots and the map).

Progetto M35 mod. 46 Italian level 8 CT. One of the most imposing premiums of our time… Throughout the year, he has shown excellent results in the random and on the Front Line. Equipped with a recharging mechanism that allows you to combine classic and drum charging. In addition, the gun has good accuracy, fairly good armor penetration, and comfortable high-pressure weapons. Can play the role of an ambush sniper: stealth and vision allow you to play from the second and even third lane. Unlike conventional drum technology, a rammer can be installed on it. The recharging mechanism is demanding on the player’s skills, you also need to be able to play from a small alpha and not forget about weak armor. If this is not a problem for you, then you can safely buy this tank.

Progetto M35 mod. 46 from the evening of November 22 was withdrawn from sale ahead of schedule for technical reasons.

Fourth set of premium tanks with 40% discount

FCM 50 t French TT level 8. Another representative of the category of tanks with a preferential level of combat. It is armed with a fast-firing cannon with good armor penetration and very cheap shells, which contributes to effective farming. But the small alpha strike is a little depressing. Despite its huge size, it has good dynamics and maneuverability, and a high viewing range. It pays for mobility with weak booking.

T-34-3 Chinese CT level 8. The only member of its class in this Reduced Battle Sale. It has a strong turret in frontal projection, good dynamics, and a low silhouette contributes to good camouflage. With the gun, everything is ambiguous: there is a large alpha strike, but it is difficult to implement due to the low armor penetration of the base shell, weak stabilization, long aiming and low accuracy. And the recharge time is long, as for the ST. The front location of the tanks and the vulnerable ammunition stowage do not contribute to survival. Poor flotation on soft to medium soils. Therefore, the tank turned out to be very controversial and gold-dependent, so it is not suitable for everyone.

M46 Patton KR American ST 8 level, nicknamed “Korean”. It can boast of a high visibility, comfortable VHF and good dynamics. Despite the good stabilization of the gun, it is difficult to implement it due to the very low armor penetration and long aiming. There is a large margin of safety, but weak booking.

“Black” tanks “with a 50% discount

For the first time, the Schwarzpanzer 58 is a German Tier 8 CT, which is the black counterpart of the more familiar Panzer 58 Mutz. It has fast acceleration and good dynamics. The gun does not differ in high damage, but it has quite good armor penetration. The tower can tank single-tier vehicles, but there are noticeable commander’s hatches on top. The hull armor is weak and the ammo rack is often disabled.

IS-6 Ch Soviet TT level 8. One of the few premiums in this sale with preferential combat levels. It has high one-time damage and high DPM, but lacks armor penetration. Combines excellent mobility with good all-round armor, with additional protection in the form of screens. Perfect for upgrading the crew to the Soviet heavy. The impression is spoiled a little by poor accuracy, poor visibility and low UVR.

T-34 American TT level 8. One of the best tanks for positional firing. In this he is assisted by an excellent weapon with a large alpha, high armor penetration, and comfortable UVN. Tanks at the same time with a tower due to the strong mask of the gun and frontal armor, but experienced players can target the vulnerable roof. When set with a “reverse diamond” it can “absorb” damage from wide tracks. However, the disadvantages are also very significant: poor maneuverability and low turret traverse speed, while the gun has poor stabilization. Mixing and reloading are long. The hull is weakly armored, and the turret is not so reliable against enemies with an accurate weapon, who know where to shoot + when positioning, it suffers from the focus of art.

Styles with 50% discount

All provided styles are not historical, so they can be applied to any technique.

“Black Friday”


Game reserves and a tank premium account. Discounts up to 70%

All Black Friday offers in the Premium Store are available here.


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