• November 29, 2023

Borderlands 3 Major Bosses Analysis: Tips and Tricks

As you know, you need to know the enemy by sight. Only in this case can one count on victory over the enemy. Today we will take a look at the main bosses of Borderlands 3 and try to pay attention to their vulnerabilities.

Anointed one

Found in the “Cannons of Reliance” quest. He does not have a health scale, but only a normal one. There are no shields either, but this should not mislead you, as the Anointed One can do serious harm. The character’s weak point is the skull.

To defeat this enemy, after the start of the battle, immediately go to the stage where Billy is and go backstage. Take a shotgun from your weapon. In order to survive, it is extremely important to remember the characteristics of Billy’s attacks. He always works according to the same algorithm. For example, by clapping his hands, he causes a shock wave that you just need to jump over.

He also frequently uses the “burning skull” attack. You can understand that the enemy is preparing for an attack by the hands raised to his head. The skulls that appear must be shot. In fact, to fight this boss, you will have to jump all the time, and the models with the highest damage per second are suitable from the weapon.


You will have to fight the boss in the “Family Treasure” quest. 4LISA4 is a robot with blue and yellow health bars. After the start of the battle, immediately climb the stairs and run to the broken window. Here you need to stop and open fire on the enemy. It is in this location that you will be protected from the green balls of the boss, since they simply will not reach you.

Periodically, you can jump left and right to see where the green orbs are flying from. Over time, the boss will spawn two minions. They need to be destroyed immediately, because in the future they will chase you and can cause serious damage in close combat.


This boss will be your opponent in the “Grave Cold” quest. The main weapon of the enemy is magical whirlwinds and direct ice blow. At the same time, the enemy stands still for most of the battle and does not shoot. Your task is to get as close as possible and shoot in the face.

In general, this fight is considered one of the easiest, since the boss has a low level of health, and it will not be difficult to dodge the whirlwinds. Of course, you will have to shoot constantly, as Aurelia may try to hide in the ice column.

Guardian of the grave

Occurs in the same mission as Aurelia. This boss is considered the largest and most powerful, but he also has vulnerabilities. It will not shoot at you, but it can cause serious damage with fists and lasers. As soon as you see the light on the floor, immediately run away, as this is the boss’s signal to attack.

The hardest thing is to dodge the laser. From the center of the area, just slide to the sides. For protection, you need to use high-capacity shields. Also, bring a long-range weapon with you and fire at the glowing yellow dots on the top of the Guardian’s torso.


Will be your opponent in the “Bloody Race” mission. The boss is a huge car that moves quickly enough around Pandora. You will receive a special vehicle to fight him.

Despite its impressive size, this boss is considered one of the easiest. First you need to destroy the fuel drives, destroy the support crew and disable the transmission. After that, it will remain to eliminate the remaining crew and the main controls.

Agonizer 9000 (Payne and Terror)

In the same mission, in the center of the arena, you will find a huge car. She is controlled by two characters at once – Payne and Terror. This boss has several vulnerabilities at once (they are highlighted in red). Your goal is to inflict such damage on the enemy that the first health bar disappears.

The second will then decrease much faster. The enemy attacks with a blade, from which you can escape by jumping or crouching. From weapons it is better to use high-precision models for aimed shooting.

Troy Calypso

The boss will be waiting for you in the quest “The Great Storage”. The character’s weak point is his head, and he has only one health bar. The enemy’s main weapon is a ring of purple energy spheres, from which you should stay away.

Sometimes Troy attacks directly, so take some high capacity shields with you. In general, you need to shoot in the head of the character and just dodge his attacks.

General Trant

You will meet with this boss in the task “Footprints of the Giants”. In fact, this character is no different from Captain Trant. He has two health bars, the blue one is responsible for shields, and the red one is for health. Your goal is to first destroy the blue strip, after which the boss will die in a few seconds.

Try to keep your distance from the enemy and not run too much around the room. You can hide behind walls and shoot from around the corner. You need to aim either at the head or at the generator core located on the back.

Tyreen the Destroyer

This is the final boss of the game, which you will have to fight in the quest “God’s punishment”. This is a huge monster, which has only one weak spot – the head, and sometimes it hides inside the body. You need to keep your distance from the monster, move sideways and constantly jump to avoid the deadly purple lines.

Tyreen also occasionally releases large purple balls. You can only defend against them with a strong shield. To defeat the enemy, you need to climb onto his back and deliver an accurate blow to the purple core.

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