• March 4, 2024

Borderlands 3 Walkthrough Essentials: Tips and Tricks

The third part of Borderlands is a lot like the second, so most of the tips are still relevant. Nevertheless, in the new version there are several features that must be taken into account before starting the passage.

Firstly, in the updated version, the character has almost complete freedom of movement. He can teleport from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, using fast travel, you can instantly get to your car from anywhere on the map. This new feature is easy to miss during the learning phase, so be sure to read the tips.

Secondly, in the updated version, letters and notifications are not at all where they usually are. When a new email notification pops up, press the ESC button and go to the social media menu. The message will be located right here. Be sure to read it as it may contain useful items or weapons.

Third, try to expand your inventory as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the game provides many options for this, so filling your backpack quickly is not a problem. At the same time, it is recommended to reduce travel to the merchant to a minimum. Better to use upgrades and expand your inventory rather than selling surplus equipment.

There are several other nuances:

  1. At first, the player may not have enough ammunition. Therefore, you must definitely buy 1-2 upgrades to increase the number of items in your backpack.
  2. Do not try to complete all side quests before leaving a specific location. All bonus levels and tasks correspond to the character’s experience. It is better to postpone their passage until the moment when your character is more pumped, then the reward will be more tangible.

In addition, a useful function has appeared in the game – a ping system. Looking at the enemy, you need to hold down the X button and then he will be highlighted in red not only for an individual character, but for the entire team. This feature is especially useful during chaotic gunfights. And by clicking on the emotion button (key Z), you can offer a duel.

The new version has some complications. In particular, they relate to the equipment of jewelry and weapon skins. There is no corresponding training section in the game, but it is quite possible to cope with this task. For example, to equip an adornment, you need to click on the empty node to the left of the equipped weapon in your inventory. In terms of skins for weapons, you need to select the desired item, then click the E key to study and X to equip the skin.

Experienced players recommend not forgetting about the variety of weapons and equipment. This is a common mistake that makes it difficult to complete some of the levels. Remember that a regular shotgun may not be enough to defeat higher tier enemies.

Eridium deserves special attention. On the lower deck of the “Vault” there is the character Earl, from whom you can buy a lot of necessary things, but exclusively for eridium, and at the first levels it drops out extremely rarely. Do not worry about this: after going through some stages of the plot, this resource will be quite enough. If you have already reached the end of the game, then take your time to launch the “True Vault Hunter” mode. First, go through three levels of Mayhem mode. Recurring quests will help you level up and collect legendary items of equipment.

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