• April 22, 2024

Brief overview Review of the A32 in World of Tanks. Should you buy?

The developers rolled out the prehistoric car to try to cut some money once again.

The most failed lot on the Black Market in WoT

Greetings tankers! With you Wotpack, and since we have undertaken to survey the lots, we will not ignore the 7th lot – the Soviet light tank A32 on the Black Market in World of Tanks. It will be the first offer that, apparently, will not be sold out by the players.


Before us is like a medium tank, although in fact it is more suitable for the light class. He has a good alpha strike, above average, but absolutely low armor penetration. Gold shells will not really correct the situation, since even some pumped STs have a higher breakdown on basic shells.

At the same time, his accuracy is one of the worst at the level, so it becomes even more difficult to implement DPM with his armor penetration. But in fairness it should be noted that the stabilization is not bad and is reduced quickly.A32 HERE

The nominal armor is rather weak, but due to the rational angles of inclination, it sometimes catches ricochets, but not as well as the developers say on the official website in the description of the vehicle. Why not really find fault – mobility:

  • high power density
  • maximum speed 70 km / h
  • good maneuverability

In fact A32 has: mediocre firepower, weak survivability and good mobility. The lowered level of battles will be a pleasant bonus, it falls only to the “fives”.

There would be no complaints, the tank is playable, although peculiar, but their greed overshadowed all the limits of reason. It sells for 7,500 gold, while at auction in the morning a suitable premium medium tank Škoda T 27, tier 8, with a minimum bid of 5,600 gold. Of course, it is profitable for that kind of money to take a technique that has a higher profitability and is suitable for the Front Line.A32 lot

No one would have said a bad word if the price had been made 2,500 or 3,000 gold, but VG was bent, so A32 now has every chance of becoming the first lot in the Czech Republic in 2021, which will not be sold out (so far, even the style has gone even higher than the minimum wage) …

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