• April 22, 2024


Blue screen with code 0x000000e6 and DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATION message appears mainly due to sound cards, USB devices and docking stations. Is a consequence of Driver Verifier not working properly. Since the message code indicates DMA, it means that the problem is in the wrong result of the DMA check. Mostly the error appears on Dell, HP laptops, but other manufacturers are not immune from it either. There are many reasons for the problem, but most often the problem is in the ASMEDIA driver. It is this version that is most susceptible to BSOD with code 0x000000e6.


Almost always, the blue screen of death with the code 0x000000e6 appears due to a problem with the drivers. Typically, the Driver Verifier Manager does not work properly. However, there are no complete fixes for the crash, only workarounds. They will allow you to avoid further occurrences of BSOD with this error.

Reset “Driver Verifier Manager”

It will be very lucky if the problem turns out to be in a frozen manager or its incorrect settings. In this case, resetting the parameters will restart the service, it will check the drivers and everything will go in the right direction.

2 ways to perform a reset:

  • Through the command line. Press Win + X, open the command line and enter verifier / reset
  • Using the interface of the dispatcher itself. Enter verifier into the search and open the exe file. We select the item “Delete existing parameters”.


Reinstall drivers

TB16 docking station is one of the most problematic regarding this BSOD. Moreover, much less often the error affects the TB16 docking station and WD19TB. This blue screen of death can be easily recreated after connecting the problematic device and installing the ASMEDIA driver. The secret lies in the fact that there is no such problem in

How it works:

  1. Remove the current ASMEDIA driver using Programs and Features.
  2. We download similar software from the Internet with version
  3. Install the driver and check the result.

However, often (even on the official website) is installed under the guise of It is imperative to check the version in the hardware properties on the “Driver” tab.

It is also worth carrying out a similar procedure with the drivers for the ESI Julia sound card. You can try to both update and roll back them.

Delete registry setting

Let’s not deceive, this method does not work for everyone, but several users noted that the method helped them. There is no good reason to give it up. It’s worth a try, even if it doesn’t work.


  1. Open the registry editor using the file regedit, it can be found using search.
  2. We go along the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet001 Services asmtxhci Parameters.
  3. We are looking for the DmaRemappingCompatible parameter and remove it.
  4. We restart the computer.


There is another option for implementing the plan, a couple of people said that it worked for them. You need to go to the Services directory (use the path earlier) and open the asmthub3 folder. We clear the Enum and Paramters sections in it. We do the same with asmtxhci.

What else might work?

We have a couple more methods that cannot claim to be a complete solution, but also often have a positive effect:

  • Run system scan… To do this, enter DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth into the command line. Additionally, you can use a similar sfc / scannow tool. If there were problems with the system files, they should be fixed.
  • Switch to another device… Since so many people talk about problems with docking stations, you can go the other way and connect devices to the system unit directly. We already wrote that after connecting to the USB connector on the monitor, everything goes away. Of course, this can cause discomfort.
  • Update AVAST… If that doesn’t work, it’s worth turning it off completely for the testing period. It may even have to be removed, provided there is a positive effect.

Users also suggested disabling protection in the BIOS, flashing UEFI, restoring the registry through CCleaner. However, people who have encountered BSOD 0x000000e6 have not confirmed the effectiveness of these methods.

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