TOP 10 best mods for Among Us

The community of people who create user-generated content have been able to unleash their abilities incredibly cool in this social mafia. Mods add new gameplay to the game, for example, they allow you to drag and drop the defeated, use skins and much more. Although the release of Among Us was in 2018, the game … Read more

Among Us mod for new characters

This Mafia simulator on PC is fun to play only the first few skating rinks. After the situation, only mods are saved, for example, the ability to expand the list of available positions on the ship. Stop being just an unnamed crew member, it’s time to get busy. Most players, having lost interest in Among … Read more

How to get a free pet in Among Us

Playing as a team member or a traitor, you can diversify your leisure time with the help of pets. However, getting them is not easy. Sharing life hacks! Among Us skins and pets are cosmetic improvements for characters. They help to distinguish crew members, make them unique. The best group of items are pets. Especially … Read more

Among Us cheat mod for Android [2020.11.17]

All crew members get ready! A new modern cheat for the online mafia that will open access to all special functions on any smartphone. All fans of Among Us know that without cheats, the game often becomes boring and monotonous. With their help, a fun group of friends can make the gameplay much more difficult … Read more

Cheat Among Us for IPhone

Finally, mods have reached iPhones. Traitors and crew members now have incredible new abilities. If you love Among Us, but you have an IPhone, then it was not possible to use cheats before. However, one talented mod developer corrected this situation. He created a cheat for Among As for iPhone. It is updated to fit … Read more