what is it, release date, price, characteristics

The Steam Deck is another attempt by Valve (let’s not remember Steam Machines) to break into the ranks of hardware manufacturers, as well as a kind of “response” to the super popular Nintendo Switch, which has dominated the portable console market for several years in a row. The Steam Deck is a portable gaming PC … Read more

Can we really be monitored through the camera and microphone of a smartphone?

The arrival of the Internet and the complete digital transformation of the world have brought many benefits to everyone. Information has become more accessible, communication has almost completely lost its borders, the transfer of information is no longer a problem. But it is precisely this development that has brought additional threats to all of us, … Read more

what is this file and why is it missing

The error from the absence of the steam_api64.dll file occurs after starting the game, which is located in the client library of the Steam digital distribution store. The following information can be found in the error message: The reason behind this error? In fact, you already know the reason – it’s the steam_api64 dynamic library. … Read more

TOP 3 best video capture cards for streaming

If your next step as a player is streaming or content creation, then the capture card should be at the top of your shopping list. It will allow you to stream, record and save gameplay locally from your console via your computer without any restrictions. With programs like OBS and XSplit, you can also customize … Read more

Does fast charging harm a smartphone battery?

The fast charging function is provided on many of the latest smartphones. This opportunity allows you to replenish the energy supply urgently. If you use it all the time, then there is a great risk of ruining the battery, as some believe. Others argue that this fear is unfounded. Overheating of the smartphone Fast charging … Read more

The Internet will appear in space in the future

It may happen that the Internet will appear not only with you and me, and astronauts will catch 4G. And yet, the Internet on the moon will be different from the terrestrial one. It is not yet clear how exactly, but it seems to be for the better. Application development To begin with, you should … Read more