Troubleshoot update error 0x8007065e Windows 10

In this guide, we are dealing with Windows 10 update error code 0x8007065e. Most likely you know that Microsoft releases 2 types of updates for their current systems: cumulative and component updates. This error appears when trying to install the second type of updates – Windows functions. She has mentions on the official forums, which … Read more

How to fix BSOD Reference By Pointer on Windows 10?

The REFERENCE_BY_POINTER message displayed on the blue screen of death is not entirely clear in origin. As reported by Microsoft tech support, a one-time BSOD with such an error is not a cause for alarm. Maybe Windows was just updating drivers in the background and something went wrong. If this is not a single actuation, … Read more

How to fix WslRegisterDistribution failed with error: 0x80370102?

Error code 0x80370102 is accompanied by the message “WslRegisterDistribution failed with error”. Has a habit of appearing when trying to install a Linux distribution to access Linux 2 (WSL2) through the Windows subsystem. Thus, the procedure for deploying the sub-system is interrupted and the very meaning of the newly released Windows function evaporates. The Linux … Read more

Quick fix for error 0x0000011B in Windows 7, 10, 11

Error 0x0000011B appears when trying to use a network printer from a computer with Windows 7, 10, 11. It can occur both on individual devices and on all devices in parallel. The error appeared after another security update that was recently released by Microsoft. The reason is a series of security changes designed to close … Read more

Solution for error 0x4005 (16389) when upgrading to Windows 10

Error 0x4005 (16389) occurs during an “in-place upgrade” to Windows 10. Typically, the error occurs because one or more applications are not compatible with Windows 10. In addition, a third-party installed on the user’s computer may interfere with the upgrade process. antivirus (or other software with similar functionality), lack of free disk space, or even … Read more

5 simple but working solutions

Error 0x8004e10e prevents you from updating programs in the Windows Store. It all started after installing a new update from Microsoft. I tried restarting my computer and running the “troubleshooter” (is that what it’s called?), But nothing worked. Can you help? Of course, it’s not critical to me, everything works without updates, but it’s somehow … Read more