How do I fix the PBR41210 error on Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X error code PBR41210 most often occurs when a user signs up for an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The message might say “Subscription renewals are not currently allowed for your account.” This may mean that you have already purchased a subscription for the maximum available term for your account. Xbox Series X error … Read more

Error SU-41333-4 on PS4 – Solutions

By launching your PS4, you initiate the loading of the operating system into the device’s RAM. The modern console is not a simple device, it is a full-fledged computer, with its own operating system and services. Of course, like any other operating system, this one will only work if the data integrity is guaranteed. Users … Read more

Working solutions to fix error NP-36006-5 on PS4

Any PS4 owner knows that there are achievements in the proprietary system of this game console. You play a game, perform some action there, the console gives you a prize in the form of this or that achievement. This can be a certain number of enemies, completing a difficult mission in a particular game, completing … Read more

How to fix error NW-31456-9 on PlayStation 4?

Error code NW-31456-9 refers to a large series of “NW” failures that typically indicate a network failure. However, in the case of this problem, there is not a huge variety of solutions. I had to explore the forums in search of those actions that caused a positive result from other users. Error NW-31456-9 can appear … Read more

How to fix error NP-41772-1 on PS4?

PS4 users may periodically encounter certain errors when launching games and the console itself. Some of them are evidence of a server failure, some are due to hardware malfunctions, but most are due to violation of the rules for using Sony game consoles. The overwhelming majority of users have only one console, it is the … Read more

How to fix error CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4?

Error code CE-30391-6 on PlayStation 4 is quite mysterious and extensive. Many users encounter it, but there is no official information, and it was not possible to find normal sources. We collected information bit by bit, studying what helped whom and who. It got to insane – the PlayStation 4 started to work only in … Read more

How to fix error 0x803F900A on Xbox Series X?

At the moment, there is more information on thematic forums that error 0x803F900A on Xbox Series X prevents the normal launch of some games. The user starts the console, goes to their library of installed content, but when they try to start, they receive this error. However, this Xbox error can manifest itself in different … Read more

Error CE-34335-8 on PS4: causes and fixes

At the moment, the PS4 game console is one of the most popular and widespread in the world. This is an excellent gaming device that allows you to quickly and deeply immerse yourself in the virtual world. At the moment, there is already a new version of the console, but it is very expensive and … Read more