How to fix error CE-118878-3 on PS5?

Error CE-118878-3 on PS5 is a relatively complex issue as it appears frequently but has no official technical explanation. All we have to do is pick and use the best and best-rated tips from across the web. To date, we have managed to bring out 3 working solutions, all of them were recommended when fixing … Read more

5 ways to fix error CE-30045-2 on PS4

Error code CE-30045-2 on PS4 tends to appear for no apparent reason and very unexpectedly. It can manifest itself both at the time of connecting to the PlayStation servers, and when entering or installing the game. Crash is known to appear more frequently in certain games. Most of the cases were recorded when interacting with … Read more

Why PS4, PS5 lags and how to fix it?

The PlayStation 4 is still a fairly productive console, especially in the Pro version, so braking, lags, freezes, freezes and similar manifestations are unusual for it. PS5 has a huge performance, it shouldn’t have lags at all for many years to come. And yet they can be, only usually this is abnormal behavior, but indicates … Read more

3 ways to fix error CE-32895-7 on PS4

CE-32895-7 is a network error related to PlayStation 4. Mostly it appears either when connected to Wi-Fi or when trying to start a delayed firmware update. According to Sony documentation, the error indicates a hardware problem, but in practice, most often the failure is associated with a software malfunction. The share of physical disorders is … Read more

Error WS-43691-3 on PS4, PS5 – working fixes

Error with code WS-43691-3 appears on both PS4 and PS5. It is one of common PSN connection problems. For this reason, it is wise to advise you to check if PSN servers are available first. There is a special page for this – link… If you continue to encounter error WS-43691-3 when trying to renew … Read more

Error CE-109502-7 on PS5 – working solutions

Error code CE-109502-7 on PlayStation 5 appears due to a problem with the internet connection. Its characteristic feature is manifested when trying to access the network through a cable LAN connection. While Wi-Fi is the easiest way to connect to a network, Ethernet cable remains the most reliable. Plus – this method allows you to … Read more

How to fix PSN Error CE-33743-0 on PS4?

One of the very annoying bugs for any PS4 user is CE-33743-0. The appearance of this error on the screen indicates that the system was unable to connect to the server. As a result, all online game opportunities disappear, you cannot co-op missions, you cannot even run some games that only work through the PlayStation … Read more