How to fix error 43 in Valorant yourself?

One of the most common errors in the popular game Valorant is associated with Code 43. The text of the message says: “An error occurred while connecting to the platform. Please restart the game client. ” The main problem is that it is not always connected to the client side, sometimes it appears due to … Read more

Chicken, Cabbage, Weasel, etc.?

Destiny 2, like other major games, faces dozens of different bugs and issues. The official website lists about 100 different codes. Any player can face them. If you scroll through them, almost all crashes are the result of “common network errors”. In other words, if the problem is not with the servers, then with your … Read more

How to fix ERR_GFX_STATE RDR error 2 in Windows 10?

The error with the ERR_GFX_STATE code in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the most common among users. It appears only for players on computers. The message says: “Game error. Please reboot and restart the game “- in general, no sensible information is indicated. We have learned from some sources that the reason for … Read more

3 Ways to Fix Fortnite Error LS-0014

Quite a few Fortnite players have already reported flashing error LS-0014. Moreover, it appears every time you try to start the game or at a random moment in the game. This error appears on the screen after a Fortnite crash, preventing play. The message indicates that the game cannot find the required file, without which … Read more

How to fix Roblox error 277 on PC?

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Roblox Connection Error With Code 524 – Solved!

Roblox is a powerful online gaming platform. There are a lot of opportunities for both their creation and selection to your taste. Moreover, it is available on almost all platforms: Android, PC, Xbox and some others. All players, regardless of the device they are playing on, can experience error 524 in Roblox. The message says … Read more