Facebook will create gadgets that capture thoughts

Recently, Facebook Corporation (FB) published information about the start of an official campaign to develop devices for controlling computers and other electronic gadgets with the power of thought. At the conference, the head of the secret division of Building 8, Regina Dugan, spoke, who explained the principle of the new technology and shared information about … Read more

How to choose the right keyboard size?

A good keyboard is one of the most important elements of any computer system. Very often its role is underestimated, but this particular detail can be called the best friend of gamers, programmers and writers. Therefore, it is so important to know how to choose the right keyboard and understand its standard sizes. Types of … Read more

Everything a beginner streamer needs

Words such as stream, streamer, streaming have already come into use. These expressions are increasingly used in traditional media, television, radio and the print press. Streamers are becoming more and more popular, one can even say that this is one of the new professions of the 21st century, which most of the younger generation dreams … Read more