TOP-10 RPGs with the most interesting storyline

Over the decades of the gaming industry’s existence, many great projects have been created, marked with all kinds of awards. This ranking features the best story RPGs appreciated by those who love storytelling. RPGs (role playing games) force us to take the place of fictional characters to explore the worlds created by the developers. Wherein … Read more

Best PC Games in 2021 – Top Most Anticipated

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Top 15 best browser games about the Middle Ages

Middle Ages – a period that is extremely popular in the 21st century. It is this time, as a rule, developers like to show in different ways in their projects: angels, monsters, all kinds of fiction … All this takes place in the surroundings of the Middle Ages, and this only adds to the advantages … Read more

Top 15 best space browser games

Many people like the theme of space – immense and majestic. Various empires and alliances consist of races living on planets with different living conditions. The gamer, as a rule, is given the role of an earthling or an alien, which additionally immerses you in a world with unusual plot twists and pleasant gameplay. Here … Read more

Top 15 best browser-based fantasy games

Many players prefer client versions of fantasy games, however, not all PCs or laptops can pull them off. In such cases, you can try your hand at browser options – they do not require high computer power. We have compiled the top 15 best browser-based fantasy games that will surely interest even the most experienced … Read more

Top 15 best browser RPGs

It would seem that browser games have outlived theirs, client versions offer much more. However, not all computers “pull” the client-game, but the browser options are quite. We have compiled a rating of the best projects in the RPG genre, for which you can spend more than one evening. general information All of these RPGs … Read more

TOP 5 strategies about World War II

The Second World War Is an ever-popular topic for any action and / or RTS-strategy, which is sometimes saturated with the spirit of patriotism. The latter, which is interesting, are even more suited to this topic, and therefore games about the Second World War in this genre came out quite a bit of… The Wotpack … Read more

Top 10 Historical PC Games

Today, when the world is gaining more and more popularity realism, developers are trying to implement any of its elements in their games. They work especially carefully on plot componentwhere you can find historical events and characters, directly or indirectly corresponding to real prototypes. Since the game is a work of art, some retreat from … Read more

Assassin’s Creed: which part is the most historic?

This landmark franchise is known for allowing players to travel back in time. But which part is the most historically accurate? Let’s try to figure it out. In Assassin’s Creed, the story has always revolved around real-life historical events and scenery. Jumping from era to era, players meet and work with real personalities from the … Read more

TOP 10 best vampire games

A dark night, illuminated by a bright moon, and a lone victim hurrying home, excitedly looking around. Soon, the vampire lurking in the shadows will deal its killing blow. This scenario is well known to fans of the genre, because until recently, the vampire theme surrounded us everywhere: in films, TV series and video games. … Read more