• November 29, 2023

Cheat Among Us (mod menu) by KGZMODz for Android free download

Tired of the original game? Fashion can seriously diversify your leisure time! It will be possible to disable kill cooldown, allow many gatherings, and enable other cool features.

Among Us

Cheat (mod-menu) by KGZMODz on Android for Among Us is one of the few useful and safe mods for playing on your smartphone. It gives you access to the most useful functions. This cheat works on all versions of the game. Ideal for those who have long wanted to diversify the game with new features and amuse themselves and their friends.

If you need a working cheat for Among Us, we recommend reading about the cheat menu by KGZMODz. We will tell you how to install it, use it and avoid becoming a victim of bugs.

Cheat features from KGZMODz

cheat menu by KGZMODz

Cheat menu by KGZMODz opens up a lot of functions. All the possibilities that open up to the player with this cheat, completely overturn the gameplay, make it unique and unusual!

A detailed list of cheat menu functions by KGZMODz on Android:

  • You can use ventilation for any role – as a crew member.
  • There will be no cooldowns for the kill!
  • Meetings are held without kickbacks.
  • Traitors’ nicknames are always red.
  • The color of the character can be randomly changed to hide from suspicion.
  • Teleports you to any player or player to you.

How to install cheat “mod menu” for Among As

Installing cheat menu by KGZMODz on Android for Among Us is very simple. Everything will take no more than five minutes:

  1. Delete the original game (so there is no version conflict).
  2. Download the file from our website.
  3. Allow to install files from new sources.
  4. Install our file.
  5. Enjoy new cheats!

Don’t be afraid to give permission to install. The smartphone considers everything except Google Play to be an unverified source.

If you delete the game from your phone, the cheats will also be removed. If you download Among As from Google again, when it will be clean again, without mods and additional features.

Using cheats

Among Us

Cheat menu by KGZMODz is very convenient and practical. The modder has built his application so that you can use all the functions right in the game with it. All you need to do is:

  1. Activate the mod file.
  2. Click on the developer’s logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Find the best cheat.
  4. Activate it (then the button will turn green).
  5. If you want to turn off the cheat, click on the button a second time.

Unfortunately the mod is not translated into Russian, so use our descriptions to understand its functions.

Download cheat [мод-меню] for Among US

The cheat has been updated to the latest version. Now the mod menu works on all versions of Among Us.

You can download the cheat menu from any resource convenient for you using the links below:

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Among Us

How to use a cheat on a PC?

Cheat menu by KGZMODz on PC is available! But you can only use it in the free version of Among Us for computers. You can find our detailed instructions on how to install the game outside of Steam.

The only difference is that you will need to use not the original file with the game, but the cheat menu at the link below.

The game crashes, what should I do?

The developer of the mod wrote that problems with crash sometimes happen, because this is a new cheat. To fix this, just exit the game and wait 30 seconds. After that, everything should fix itself.

Can you get banned for this?

The developers have improved their anti-cheat at the end of 2020. Thanks to this, a system of bans for mods appeared, which spoil the game for other players. We recommend that you refrain from using cheats.

Is there a cheat menu by KGZMODz on IPhone.

Unfortunately, the security systems of the IPhone do not allow using cheats for Among Us.

Cheats don’t work.

There is only one reason the codes might not work – you are not the match administrator. All codes will work properly only for the creator of the room. In other people’s games, they can bug.

Builds and cheats for Among Us

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