• February 20, 2024

Cities: Skylines Giveaway on EGS

December 17 – the start time of sales, as well as the marathon, in which everyday the gamer gets a new video game.

Cities: Skylines (17.12-18.12) - pick it up at EGS in time!

On the first day of distribution, players were offered to pick up one of the famous city-building simulators of recent times – Cities: Skylines… Let’s tell you more about it.

basic information

Cities: Skylines is a striking representative of the city-building simulator. If we talk a little easier – here the player creates a city, monitors its prosperity and eliminates problems.

This project stands out from the others by the presence of a transport system high realismas well as complex and multi-level simulation. Each level (transport, nature, weather) make many game scenarios realistic.

An example of a city created in the game

Divide the city into districts, choose the appropriate policy for each of them, and achieve re-appointment as mayor.

Now – about the most important thing. Broad support and love for this project became the reason for the creation a huge number of modifications… New or changed buildings different from the original map – here a few examples what awaits in the DLC.

Cities: Skylines is a good project that deserves the love of gamers. Being an alternative to the iconic SimCity series, this game has gone far ahead and it can be a favorite for many for a long time to come.

You can pick up the game here

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