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Completing side quests in the game Greedfall

In the game Greedfall, your every action in a certain way affects the reputation of the protagonist. By completing additional tasks, you will improve relations with certain characters, you will receive additional coins and experience points.

The Missing Navt

First you need to talk to Laura about the recruits, and then go to the tavern and chat with the owner and the suspicious client. From them you will learn all the necessary information and will be able to go to the kidnappers. Then you need to talk to Lady Fontaine to find out where Navt disappeared. Now it remains to inform Vasco about everything, talk to de Courcillon and return to the Fontaine estate to study the contents of the note (it is located on the first floor).

Next, you need to go down the stairs to the warehouse. Here you will have two options: either fight with all the enemies that come your way, but you risk losing points, or you can use de Coursillon’s charisma and complete the task without a fight. We recommend this option as it will give you two additional Trade Fellowship points.


First you need to find an alchemist selling medicine. After talking with him, turn right. On the left you will see a metal door. Go inside and be sure to inspect all the chests and read the letters. Then take the container with the medicine and give it to the seller. As a result, he will run away, but from the letters you read you will know exactly where.

Your task is to return to the tavern, convince the innkeeper to provide you with the information you need and go up to the room above. You will have two options here too. First, you can delay the alchemist and get the reputation of the Bridge Alliance for this. Secondly, you can help the healer escape, but in the process you will have to constantly fight with angry customers. Alternatively, you can negotiate with them, but for this you must have 6 health potions with you. If you choose this path, the battles will remove one point from the reputation of the Trade Commonwealth, but you will receive 80 gold.

Man and Silver Coin

In this quest you will have to go to the market and talk to the merchants. You can just bribe one of them for 100 coins or use charisma. When you find someone willing to help, rewind the time 2 days forward.

Now you can hide next to the merchant and defeat the blackmailers. The bodies must be searched, and then go to the right place (a hint will appear), watch the cut-scene and follow the man who appears at the location. To complete the mission, you will have to go through a battle, search opponents and return to Manfred. If everything was done correctly, then as a reward you will receive experience points, 50 gold and 3 units to the reputation of the Bridge Alliance.

Hunt for Heretics

The captain will help you find heretics, so talk to him at the very beginning of the quest. As a result, you will find them in the navt warehouse. When you get to the warehouse, you have to decide what to do next. If you decide to arrest the heretics, then you will have to kill them.

Alternatively, you can help them by negotiating with the Bridge Alliance. In addition, you can simply lie to the quest giver, leave the heretics alive and still get extra points to your reputation.

Admiral’s undercover agent

To complete the quest, you first need to talk to Ruben and his assistants. Therefore, you first need to get to the tavern, there to deal with the drunks, and then talk to the innkeeper and one of the visitors.

They will tell you where to go. At the appointed place, wait for the man to appear, follow him, and then apply charisma or simply threaten. After returning to Ruben, you will receive pleasant bonuses in the form of 3 Navt reputation points and 1300 experience points.


To complete this quest, you will have to completely complete the game, as you simply will not be able to get into some areas until you complete the story. Although, in general, this quest cannot be called difficult: you just need to navigate by the tips on the map and visit the desired locations.

The main thing is not to forget to light bonfires in order to activate the camps, since for each of them you will receive 100 additional experience points.


The quest begins with a conversation with the islanders in the forest of San Mateus. Next, you need to find the house of the inquisitor, go to the indicated place and pick up the letter. At the exit from the house you will have to face the inquisitors, but it will do without a fight.

After that, go to the house of Claudius and open the chest with notes. You need to tell the islanders about all your finds. Also in this quest you will have to fight a spy. All this will help increase your reputation by 2 points and earn 1600 experience points.

Imperfect paradise

In this quest, you will have to talk to the theologian and several other characters, including the one in the house. Then go to the place indicated in the clue and talk to Bran.
If in this quest you want to do without a fight, you will have to help the kidnappers. If you do not want to constantly run to another tribe, then you will have to apply charisma. As a reward, you will receive 1,300 experience points and two more points to the reputation of Thelema.

Novice trader

In the quest, you will need to enter the barracks, but before that, be sure to talk to the merchant, and then find the captain to obtain permission. After arriving at the desired location, talk to the minister and convince him with charisma. If suddenly charisma is not enough, then you can additionally communicate with the Coursillon.

When you have the permission in your hands, give it to the merchant, return to the barracks and talk to the captain again. Then you will have to go down to the dungeon prison and talk to its chief. Unfortunately, in this quest your goods will be lost and you will have to go down to the arena and, together with the prisoners, stand out in the battle against the monsters.

When the victory is won, return to the merchant and collect your honestly earned 2 Islanders Reputation Points. To complete the task, you need to communicate with Ulan. This will give you 1400 experience points and will give you the opportunity to move on to the next task – “An Unusual Alliance”.

Unusual union

The quest begins with the fact that you need to go to Hikmet and talk to Burkhan there. This will help launch the Assault on Caravans quest. Your goal is to find a merchant. To do this, follow the marker. Use your charisma along the way or simply threaten the soldiers to save the stranger.

Next, you need to give permission to the merchant, return to Ullan, wait a few hours and go to a new village to talk with Mordun. Here, too, you have to use charisma. Alternatively, you can give the floor to Siora. After returning to Ullan, tell us about all the events. Then within 6 hours you need to either enter into negotiations or ignore them. In the first option, go to the right place and help Mordun, and then talk to Ullan again. As a result, you will receive 4 additional points to the reputation of the islanders and 1900 experience points. Ignoring negotiations will not bring any bonuses.

Attacks on caravans

In this quest, you need to talk to the captain first, and then to the merchants. Go to the attack site, find all the evidence and visit a new location. Here you will have to defeat a monster and search its corpse.

Continuing to move along the markers, you will destroy the rebels and find their camp. You have two options: join the battle or leave the rebels alone. Return to the captain and if you left the rebels alive, you will receive 2 alliance reputation points and 1400 experience points.

Arena champion

Your character needs to fight 5 battles, three battles in each. For each such confrontation, a prize is given in the form of experience points, and the end of the quest will bring an additional reward – a camp weapon.

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