• November 29, 2023

Control AWE Clock Puzzle Walkthrough

The Clock Puzzle in Control AWE is easy to miss, as it can only be accessed through one of the secret areas of the expansion game, so if you don’t thoroughly explore the Investigation Sector, you risk not even knowing about the existence of this interesting mission.

You can interact with an antique watch using the action button; when you press it, the watch hand starts to rotate rapidly around the dial. You can stop the movement at any time by pressing the action button again and then start it again in the same way.

To solve the puzzle, you need to stop the hand at specific hour markers and in a specific order. The correct execution of the action will be signaled by the ringing of the clock and vibration on the controller, if you use it. The numbers you will need to stop moving the hour hand are: one, seven, seven, one, six, four, nine, and seven.

After correctly entering this code, Jesse will move to the starting area of ​​the Investigation Sector. There you have to deal with the emerging Isses. Next, go to the back of the room and activate the light switch three times to enter the Oceanview Motel. Once there, follow the corridor to the very end of the floor and take the key from the extreme room on the left. Upon returning to the hallway, you will receive a special message from Alan Wake on the hotline.

After listening to the message, go through the door marked with an inverted triangle sign and in the same way activate the light switch three times to return back to the room with the clock.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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