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crazy rumors that turned out to be true

When Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls 5 Back in 2011, fan sites were buzzing with conspiracy theories due to the abundance of nameless locations and all sorts of mysteries. These rumors spread all over the Internet and almost 10 years after the release, players have found answers to most of the questions.

Crazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Long and winding history Tamriel full of mysteries. Luckily for Skyrim, with many extensive DLCand now with the return to Elder Scrolls: Online, many of the secrets of this snowy land have finally been revealed to fans. However, not everyone knows how these secrets actually ended. If you haven’t been through Skyrim for a long time and don’t spend your evenings on fan forums, then this TOP is just created for you.

Maximum level testCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Many crave high-level content for adventure Dovahkiin and made various theories about its introduction. What happens when the protagonist reaches level 80, the maximum for any playable character?

Those who reached this peak found the final battle against a unique warrior, dressed in enchanted armor made of ebony armor.

To find this enemy, head to the location “Last post»Deep in the mountains behind Riften… This is where the battle takes place. Be careful – the warrior has enormous power and knows how to use dragon crylike the main character. This fight will be remembered for many years by all hardcore fans. The elder scrolls...

The Ebony Warrior is considered one of the most powerful bosses in The Elder Scrolls series.

Time travelCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Since the entire plot of the game focuses on suddenly appearing dragons, the obvious question is: how could these creatures hide for so long before suddenly reappearing?

The answer is obvious – time travel.

In the new add-on for Elder Scrolls: Online a quest appeared in Dwemer Ruins of Black Reach… The plot tells us how Dwemer conducted experiments with time travel. This explains the appearance of the secret boss of the location – the dragon Black Reach, and return Alduin in the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls.

Dwemer are aliveCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

One of the most mysterious races, which suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, still causes controversy on sites dedicated to the game’s lore. If you talk to a magician in Markarth, he will talk about his journey through Oblivion’s plansdescribing how he met “Daedra and Dwemer“.

This statement indicates that the disappearance Dwemer was actually the sudden teleportation of the entire race to Oblivion’s Plans… This theory is supported by the existence of the spell “Summoning the Dwemer Sphere “, schools of magic that summon creatures from Oblivion

What happened to the FalmersCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Fans have suggested that Falmer were once majestic snow elves who lived above the surface, but if so, what happened to them? This question is answered DLC Dawnguard and many books scattered around the world.

Even before the current events in Skyrim, humans and snow elves fought in mighty war, forcing the first to run to Dwemer for help. The same sheltered them and fed them Falmer mushrooms slowly blinding them.

However, mushrooms do not explain the animal nature of the “modern” Falmer or their aggressiveness.

Compared with Gelebor, the last remaining Snow Elfpresented in Dawnguard and owning Great Soul (the same as that of other sentient beings), deep Falmer probably lost her under certain circumstances. There are serious hints that the fault is here Dwemer experiments on the Falmer. The underground inhabitants used their own technology to test soul distortion theories on refugees.

Playing as a villainCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Before the release of most fantasy games, there are rumors about playing the villain, not a goodie, and Skyrim was no exception. However, in practice, it turned out that the only way to get used to the role of an antagonist is to complete quests Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guildstransforming Dragonborn rather a little antihero than a real villain. However, it turns out that stop Alduin Is a more villainous act than meets the eye.

Alduin’s role is to end the present world so that the next can begin.

This is the cyclical nature of the world Nirn… The life of one world ends so that the next can be born, and so on. By stopping the existing cycle, players stop the realization of the infinite possibilities of the next world.

Murder at IvarsteadCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

In the village Ivarstead Dragonborn meets a man named Narfi (a little later The Dark Brotherhood instructs the Dragonborn to kill him). Sister Narfi disappeared from Ivarsted and the brother is trying to find her. It will take very little time to discover her skeleton, thrown into the neighboring river. But what happened to her?

IN DLC Dawnguard the player will have to fight a vampire Venar Vulpin at “Bloody source“. In personal diaries Vulpina he chronicles his travels in Skyrim. One passage describes how he stayed at a hotel “Wilmere“. He writes that he was looking for something to eat. Well, to be more precise, Venarus looking for someone to eat and attacked Sister Narfi – Reid

Outcasts worship the DaedraCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

In the quest “No one escapes from Sydna»Travelers have the opportunity to help the leader of the Outcasts Madanahu leave the mine. In the end, he will reward the savior with the armor of the old gods. But who are these gods?

In the book presented in Elder Scrolls: Online entitled “Barbaric and cruel life“, Author Artenis Belloc describes life as a prisoner of the tribe Richmenov, predecessors of the Outcasts. Belloc describes how Richmen led by the Witch and worshiped a Daedric being, Namire… This armor is probably hers.

True leader of the OutcastsCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

While completing the same quest, inquisitive players had several questions. Madanah claims to be behind the uprising Rogue, writes letters and commands troops from the shackles of a tiny prison cell.

However, his release will have no effect on the Outcast story.

As you explore the world, you can find letters addressed to a figure known as “Matriarch“. In the location Witch’s Nest we discover the largest citadel of the Outcasts with dozens of tents; those living there carry out the day to day village affairs. Going down to the dungeon Dovahkiin fight the mighty Witchthat appears and disappears in three different locations. It was probably “Matriarch“- the true leader of the Outcasts.

The College of Winterhold is dedicated to the DaedraCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

Architecture College of Mages of Winterhold completely unique: a round courtyard, huge round spiers and a strange overall shape. However, those who read most of the books in Skyrim vague suspicions arose about this beautiful building.

Ogma Infinium, evil artifact of the Aedric prince Hermeusa Mora, contains a page with a detailed description Sigil stone. It is a large circle with three smaller circles inside. The structure described is very similar to the architecture of the college of magicians.

Immortal KhajiitCrazy Skyrim rumors that turned out to be true

M’Aik the Liar appeared in Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and even in Elder Scrolls: Online… In every game, he is known for talking nonsense and traveling to random places. Tamriel… If a M’ayk in each game, in fact, the same M’ayk, then this Khajiit is more than 1000 years old.

When exploring the vastness Skyrim M’ayk offers Dragonborn listen to something about his fascinating life. He claims that his father was also called M’Aik, like his father’s father. But can you trust someone with the nickname “Liar”?

For true Skyrim fans, we have a compilation of ten unanswered mysteries of Skyrim. If they also seem to you to be something familiar and ordinary, then try to find out which character from the fifth part suits you according to the zodiac sign?

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