• February 21, 2024

Cyberpunk 2077 – all legendary weapons and where to find them

The world of Cyberpunk 2077 has a huge variety of weapons. It comes in four different types: standard, electromagnetic, smart and melee weapons (the latter type, in turn, is divided into 7 types). It also differs by levels: common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and cult. The legendary weapon is one of the most powerful. Unlike iconic weapons or Legendary Quickhacks, Legendary weapons can be purchased from a variety of weapon vendors scattered throughout Night City.

Here is a list of all the legendary weapons and where they are sold in the city.

1. Assault rifle HJSH-18 “Masamune”

Sold in a shop in the West End of Wellspring, Heywood.

2. Target rifle SOR-22

Can be bought from a vendor in Wellspring, Haywood, or you can get a blueprint by completing the Storm Rider side quest from Panam Palmer.

3. Sniper rifle Tekhtronic SV-32 Grad

Available at the store in Arroyo District, Santo Domingo County.

4. Revolver Overture

Available from an arms dealer in the Arroyo area of ​​Santo Domingo County.

5. Shotgun Crusher

You can purchase a Crusher in the southeastern part of Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo area, or get a blueprint for free by completing the Greed Doesn’t Pay off on Westbrook territory (the blueprint is in a metal container).

6. Pistol Nue

Owned by an arms dealer in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo area. It is also possible to acquire this weapon by taking it from the body of the boss named Sasquatch, whom you will encounter during the mission “Image Recognition”.

7. Smart shotgun L-69 Zhuo

The shotgun is for sale in the Corpo Plaza Business District, Central District. The weapons store is located on the fourth floor.

8. Electromagnetic targeting rifle M-179E Achilles

Available from the store in Corpo Plaza, Knight City Central.

9. Katana

You can buy a katana from Coach Fred near V’s apartments in Watson.

10. Baseball bat

Sold by Coach Fred, Watson District. There is also a weapons store near V’s apartment.

11. Knife

It can be purchased from the Spector Cheng vendor in Westbrook, or from the Northside weapons vendor, Watson.

12. Unity pistol

Available at the Second Amendment Gunshop in Watson, near V’s apartment.

13. Submachine gun DS1 Pulsar

Available from an arms dealer at Iron and Lead, Northside, Watson.

14. Electromagnetic sniper rifle Nekomata

The rifle is available at Iron and Lead, Northside.

15. Hammer

The hammer can be found in the Pacifica, West Wind Estate.

16. Tomahawk

For sale in West Wind, Pacifica area.

17. Shotgun M2038 Tactician

Owned by an arms dealer in West Wind, Pacifica.

18. Smart shotgun DB-4 Mace

Available in West Wind, Pacifica area.

19. Machete

It can be purchased from an arms dealer in the Japanese Quarter of Westbrook County.

20. Carnage Shotgun

For sale in Japan Quarter, Westbrook area.

21. Shotgun DB-2 Tester

Available from the Gunshop in Glen Quarter, Haywood.

22. Smart Assault Rifle D5 Sidewinder

You can purchase the Sidewinder from the convenience store near Sunset Motel in the Badlands.

23. Ashura Smart Sniper Rifle

Sold at the Gunshop in the Glen Quarter, Haywood. In addition, the rifle blueprint is obtained during the execution of the order to eliminate criminals in the eastern part of Rancho Colorado (the diagram is from the shooter named Paul Craven).

24. Pistol Liberty

Available from the Weapon Dealer near Sunset Motel in the Badlands.

25. Smart pistol A-22B Chao

The scheme of the weapon is in Joanne Koch’s bedroom, where the quest “Guinea pigs” takes you. You can also buy this pistol from a shop nearby Sunset Motel in the Badlands.

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