• July 1, 2022

Cyberpunk 2077 – the quest “Greed Doesn’t Pay”

Old friends often ask for help, and Cyberpunk 2077 has many such friends ready to reach out to Vee. This time, Wakako Okada needs help, she asks you to sneak into Leah Gladen’s apartment and steal the burglar device.

Where to find Leah Gladen’s apartment

You can find Leah Gladen’s apartment on the corner of Holly and Floyd Streets in the West Japanese Quarter in Westbrook. It is located in a large building next to the bridge between Westbrook and Watson.

How to get to Leah Gladen’s apartment

There are several obstacles to overcome on the way to the apartment. First, the door to the corridor is locked, if you do not have at least eight points of technical ability, you will not be able to open it without a key. Secondly, to enter Leah’s apartment, you will also need a certain level of technical ability, this time less – from five points.

To get into the corridor without breaking into the key card will help you, lying on the table by the guard. But keep in mind, you need to act carefully – if you stand in the lobby for too long, he will become suspicious. In addition, a worker is wandering around the floor, so the first step is to deal with him. Follow the worker to the back room where you can easily stun him. Now just sneak up on the guard from behind, knock him out and take the key card.

There is also an alternative entrance to Leah’s room – bypass the building, climb onto the platform, then jump to another, and climb through the window, breaking the protection. This is the most secretive way to get inside.

Search of the apartment

Go to Leah’s kitchen and scan for the hidden button. After clicking on it, a secret room will open in the apartment. But the jailbreak device will not be found here. After reading the messages on the computer, in particular the second letter marked “lockpick”, you learn that Leah will try to sell it to someone at Wired Head, a brain dance club.

At the Wired Head club

Wired Head is located nearby, at a distance of just over five hundred meters. Once inside the building, head right to take the elevator down to the Brandance Club. Or you can go up the stairs, there are two guards that you have to remove: one on the top floor and one below. Which, by the way, will simplify the way back from the club later. Any of the routes will take you to the same place. There are guards everywhere in the club, and they keep in groups of several people so that sneaking unnoticed becomes an almost impossible task. If you decide to go stealthily, it is better to choose a different path. Before entering the club, turn to the side – here you will meet an inattentive guard who can be easily neutralized, and then follow the corridor to the locked door (it takes five points of technical ability to open). It is not necessary to enter it, you just need to turn to the right and go to the technical room. Now all that remains is to distract the guard and pick up the burglar device. When you deliver it to the point marked on the map with the quest marker, the task will be completed.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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