• November 29, 2023

Damage leaders among Tier 8 premium tanks in 2019🔝

Top 5 premium tanks with the highest damage per battle and therefore the best silver farming potential. Leaders on the battlefield who lead the team.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have a rating of leaders in terms of average damage per battle among premium vehicles of tier 8 in 2019. For a fair and objective assessment, we did not include here a new technique that spent only 2-3 months in the random.

5th place

The German tank destroyer Rheinmetall Skorpion G. opens the top leaders. Since its release, it has become one of the most popular premium Tier 8 vehicles and has been recognized by many the best option for farming:

  • high armor penetration with a basic projectile;
  • large one-time damage;
  • excellent accuracy;
  • fast enough convergence for this caliber gun.

In addition, comfortable UVN and a full rotation tower allow you not to lose the effect of the stereo tube and mask net, thereby not letting the victim out of the sight. It is completely devoid of armor, and it is not necessary to rely on disguise due to its low stealth coefficient. Therefore, after almost every shot, it lights up on the entire map and it is better not to wait for the “light” to go off, but just in case, immediately roll into cover.

Average damage per battle 1613 HP

4th place

French heavy tank Somua SM equipped with a cannon with a 5-round drum. Recharging is a long one, but inside the drum it is fast enough, mixing time is acceptable, but accuracy leaves much to be desired. The one-time damage is small, but he has everything in order with armor penetration, so implement drum for 1500 damage he is quite capable.

At the same time, unlike the pumped AMX 50 100, he has good frontal armor at rational angles of inclination of the VLD, which allows him to survive under shots from his classmates. In addition, he has comfortable UVN for playing against the relief, and good dynamics allows him to be among the first to occupy key positions or return to defend the base.

Average damage per battle 1621 HP

3rd place

Swedish heavy tank EMIL 1951, which became an award for the Front Line in 2019. Also has at its disposal a cannon with a drum, but for 3 shells… The accuracy and aiming time are mediocre, but at close range, you can confidently implement a magazine for 1000 damage. One-time damage is slightly above average, but the breakdown of stars from the sky is not enough, so you have to target vulnerable zones. General reloading takes a little time, so EMIL will not remain defenseless if you correctly take a position or there is cover behind.

The armor of the hull is weak, but the tower is quite strong to tank single-tier vehicles, playing from excellent UVN. Like the previous rating tank, it has good mobility, so it can quickly move around the map.

Average damage per battle 1621 HP

2nd place

Soviet tank destroyer SU-130PM, which could be obtained for the first time in a marathon, and for the last time in New Year’s boxes. As its name suggests, it is armed with a 130mm Tier X cannon with a decent alpha strike and excellent armor penetration, which pays for a somewhat long reload time. As for the USSR equipment, it has good accuracy and aiming time, but poor stabilization when moving.

The main thing that distinguishes her from her Soviet classmates is the presence of a tower, albeit incomplete rotation… UGN and UVN are comfortable for firing and allow you to keep the enemy in sight. The SU-130PM is completely devoid of armor and therefore requires careful play. Survival depends more on superior camouflage. Good dynamics allows at the beginning of the battle to take advantageous positions for shooting damage and quickly make a tactical retreat, if the situation requires it.

Average damage per battle 1,675 HP

1st place

Topped the rating of leaders in terms of damage, undoubtedly, one of the best premium tanks of our time – the Italian CT Progetto M35 mod. 46. ​​And the feature of the weapon helped him to take the first position – drum recharging mechanism:

  • allows you to play as with a cyclic recharge, gradually dismantling the enemy;
  • or you can immediately discharge the magazine to finish off an enemy tank.

The possibility of combining the advantages of classic and drum loading compensates for small one-time damage. At the same time, it has good accuracy, fast aiming and comfortable UVN, so it is rightfully one of the best support tanks.

The Progetto 46 has practically no armor, so the game is based on firing at medium or long range, fortunately, the overview allows. He also has a good stealth ratio. Good mobility allows you to actively move around the map, influencing the situation in battle

Average damage per battle 1679 HP


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