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Delicious mead in Valheim: recipe, properties

After creating a fermenter, players can brew potions that provide healing, resistance, or other effects, but one recipe differs in its name and unusual properties. It’s about Delicious honey. And although alcohol can also be considered a potion, in this context it stands out from the general list.

Delicious mead in Valheim

Delicious Mead is one of the basic recipes that players learn to brew after creating a fermenter. To build it you will need:

  • 30 units of quality wood;
  • 5 units of bronze;
  • 10 units of resin.

To prepare Tasty Mead you need:

  • 10 honey – obtained from honey bees;
  • 5 Blueberries – Collectable in Dark Forest
  • 10 raspberries – harvested from bushes in meadows ..

Mix these ingredients, then place the base in the fermenter for 2 playing days. After the mead has finished fermenting, you can pick up a stack of 6 Tasty Mead potions.

What does Delicious Mead give?

Tasty Mead reduces health regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds, while increasing stamina regeneration by 300%. After 10 seconds, you can drink another portion. Unlike most other potions, Mead has no cooldown. Thus, she is an excellent help in difficult situations. It can be used to increase stamina when swimming long distances, fleeing tough enemies, or when stamina is required and the player’s health is not compromised, such as planting a garden, mining, or building a house.

The tasty mead is also great for the final seconds of a fight, when only a small burst of stamina is required to deliver a powerful blow. In general, taking a little mead on your chest to work and fight becomes more pleasant and more fun.

While it’s not the most useful potion in the game, it’s worth keeping a few servings in hand for moments when stamina is more important than anything else. A delicious mead is easy to make with ingredients that come across quite often. However, if necessary, it is better to replenish stamina without a health debuff with the help of stamina potions. It can be prepared from: 10 honey, 10 raspberries and 10 yellow mushrooms. This potion has a 2 minute cooldown.

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