• February 22, 2024

Devil May Cry 5 audio and video out of sync

The highly anticipated Devil May Cry 5 is finally out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. However, many owners of the PC version of the game complain that they have a strong desynchronization of the picture and sound during cutscenes. To make matters worse, the game also has other issues such as frame drops, lags, and desktop crashes. The latter most often happens in the second mission, after the scene with Goliath – the game simply crashes after a long load.

Devil May Cry 5 audio and video out of sync fix

By all accounts, the source of the trouble is poor DirectX compatibility. On the Steam forum, a user under the nickname Steezem reported that he managed to get rid of the audio desynchronization (and related bugs) by making changes to the DirectX settings.

If you also encounter the above problem, we advise you to follow these steps:

  • find in the folder where the game was installed, the file with the name dmc5config.ini;
  • open this file with a text editor and find the line in it TargetPlatform = DirectX12;
  • then change the line so that it looks like the following – TargetPlatform = DirectX11 and save the file.

Unfortunately, this measure does not work effectively on every computer. If you have followed the steps above and the audio bug is still present, you will most likely have to wait for Capcom to release an update that resolves the out of sync issue.

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