• September 28, 2023

Distribution of gifts in WoT! You just need to enter the game

Freebie at WoT! Depending on the years spent in the game, tanks, reserves, premium account, silver, blueprints and much more!

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack, the return of the veteran program and gifts for players are on the agenda today.

Each player will receive rewards, even with a new account, but the difference lies in the value of these rewards and their quantity. The World of Tanks developers thank the players for their loyalty to the project, for the time they spent together and for their active participation in the life of the game.

For players who have registered within the last 3 years, the following awards are provided:

  • medal;
  • emblem;
  • combat missions for x5 experience;
  • universal study guide;
  • reserves for additional experience x10;
  • reserves for additional loans х10;
  • a box with a well-deserved award x20.

For players who have spent 4-5 years in the game, the list of awards will be supplemented:

  • Soviet T-50-2 Tier VI light tank (with 100% crew and a slot in the Hangar);
  • American Tier VII Super Hellcat tank destroyer (with 100% crew and a slot in the Hangar);
  • personal study guide.

For players 6 years of age or older, a special style “immortal classic” for the T-50-2 is included in the reward set.

Alpha Testers and Beta Testers also receive unique patches, player name backgrounds and decals.

If the boxes with the well-deserved reward are not opened now, then they will open automatically on January 27, 2020.

American tank destroyer Super Hellcat – stands out for its high maximum speed (keeping it from the pumped-over M18 Hellcat), which allows you to quickly occupy positions convenient for firing, while overclocking giving odds to some LT. Good camouflage and comfortable UVN allow you to play from the terrain and shoot without being noticed. A pleasant bonus is the unique appearance, matching the name of the technique.

Soviet LT T-50-2 can be received by players who last year fell short of the number of years spent in the game. Once this tank was one of the most fun in the random, but then it was taken out of the pumping branch. Now it has returned to the game as a promotional vehicle, so it does not require retraining of the crew.

If you did not receive awards last year for the veteran program (and then you were still giving coupons, which can now be spent on buying tanks in the boom store), then you can still pick them up from December 1.

Both tanks are NOT premium. They are just promotional, so you can transfer the crew of the corresponding nation and class to them without penalty.

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