• September 30, 2023

download companion mods (the best – top 10).

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is packed with fun and adventure. And it is not at all necessary to experience them alone. You can find daredevils who are ready to join the Dragonborn company on their wanderings. But, given that the game was released 10 years ago, experienced players have already tried all the partners available in the original. However, this is easy to change.


Mods come to the rescue. The best of them are thought out to the last point in the dialogue and are able to really impress the player. He will not be mistaken in choosing one of the guys on the list as his companion.

Inigo: The Kajit Skyrim Needs


Inigo Is one of the most recognizable companions available through mods. In vanilla Skyrim Khajiit sadly little, but Inigo more than fills this gap with Inigo’s cute face and well-defined character.

Created for him over 7000 lines of dialogue… The responses cover a wide variety of topics. Inigo is stealth oriented, does not like to fall into traps. Sometimes he will whisper to the player, making the fact of his presence even more pleasant. This mod is a must try for all Khajiit fans in Skyrim.

Hoth: Harsh Mercenary


And here is a Nord by name Hot I can’t call my tongue cute. An experienced, rude bounty hunter is a terrifying companion. Hoth will never give up the fight. It is fully voiced and has thousands of lines of dialogue. Possessing a two-handed weapon, he is ready to rush into battle at any moment. And the unique clothing does not allow Hoth to be confused with anyone.

Hoth can supply the player with random tasks an infinite number of times.

The gray-haired veteran from the Hoth modification is a godsend for the hero.

Arissa: The Wandering Rebel


Rebel Arissa breaks the law with impunity and has no remorse. She has her own backstory and more than 600 lines of dialogue and voice acting perfectly fits into the game. Getting to know Arisa will take the player for a long time.

Arissa has a unique loyalty system. Improving your relationship with a girl unlocks new companion abilities.

SE players will need to transfer The Wandering Rogue using the Bethesda Archive Extractor.

Familiar Faces: Familiar Faces

Familiar all faces

The Familiar Faces mod offers the player a very interesting opportunity – to transfer to the current game own characters from other saves.

Companions will retain their arsenal and playstyle. Two Dragonborn are better than one.

Romantic Kaiden


Kaidan 2 is the choice of those players who want to dilute their adventure with feelings and oriental flair. Kaiden’s backstory will be revealed gradually, along with the development of relations with the hero. With each new dialogue, you become more and more attached to this character.

In battle Kaidan a good tank that can withstand heavy damage from opponents. So even if you don’t want to develop a romantic line, he will make the company pleasant and useful.

Lucien: Intelligence and ingenuity


It’s hard to find another mod with such a well-developed character line as in Lucien. History Lucien full of thirst for knowledge and equipped with more than 5000 lines of dialogs.

At first, Lucien is of little help in combat, but he is trained and the player can speed up the process. Lucien can interact with Inigo, Hoth and Kaidan, react to the player’s actions. It is definitely worth paying attention to this mod.

Joker Sofia


One of the most popular companion mods is The Funny Fully Voiced Follower. The reason for this joke Sofia, sometimes quite spicy. With Sofia, the dark atmosphere of Skyrim becomes much brighter

Another plus of the mod is the high-level voice acting. If you need a cheerful companion that is pleasant to listen to, this is Sofia.

Interesting NPCs: Making New Friends


Maybe the mod is not exactly about companions, but it would be strange not to mention Interesting NPCs in this discussion. Those players who have already studied vanilla NPCs up and down will be happy to receive more 250 new, voiced characters and not less 25 partners

The “newbies” are well written and worthy for the player to get to know them and their stories.

Nebarra: Altmer Mercenary


Altmerov is lacking in the original game, as are the Khajiit. Nebarra, an Altmer mercenary, can fix that. He is fully voiced and can interact with other NPCs.

Nebarra is a rather rude comrade. A war veteran can hardly bear other people’s stupidity. Nebarra has a personal quest that takes place on the coast of Solstheim.

Khajiit Will Follow: Cats Again


Khajiit Will Follow is the choice of those for whom one Inigo is not enough. Mod adds to the game 4 Khajiit companions, about 5000 lines of dialogue, several new types of weapons, armor and a quest that reveals the story of a partner.

Each Khajiit has its own personality and style of play. Skyrim needs more cats.

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