• December 1, 2023

endless fest travel and rideable cars

Let’s start with the most interesting and useful thing in Horizon Zero Dawn – fast travel systems or, as gamers like to say, fast travel. You can at any time move to any corresponding point on the game map, except for those moments when this mechanic is deactivated in connection with the completion of the story quest.

The note: it is important to note that a place will be considered explored only if you approach it at a sufficient distance.

What are places that can be quickly navigated to? Settlements and bonfires, and already open bonfires will be green on the main map, and those that have not yet been opened will be marked in white. In general, everything is pretty intuitive. True, you can use the fast travel at any time, however, you must have a so-called fast travel kit in your inventory.

You can create such a kit in the “Manufacturing” section, but for this you need to collect some resources. You can also simply purchase a set from any merchant in the game world. You can use any of the options, because in both cases, you will be required to collect approximately the same amount of resources. However, if you look at the forums, it becomes clear that players prefer to simply buy the kit from the merchant.

Let’s compare what exactly and in what volume you need to get in order to buy a fast travel kit from a merchant or craft it yourself:

Craft Dealer
bone meat (1) shard (2)
woodyman (15) woodyman (15)
fatty meat (1) fatty meat (1)

Endless fast travel

In addition to the regular fast travel kits, in Horizon Zero Dawn you can access the gold kit, with which you can use the fast travel function an unlimited number of times. We recommend getting such a contraption as soon as possible, which, by the way, can only be done when the main character arrives in the city of Meridian. The Gold Fast Travel Kit can be purchased from the Hunter Merchant for fifty shards, one fox hide, and one fatty meat. Do not be alarmed by the number of shards: this resource is extremely easy to obtain. The same goes for fatty meat. But with the skin of a fox, you have to tinker a lot … random, you know.

Endless Driving Cars

Horizon Zero Dawn has three rideable vehicles: the archead, the runner, and the racer. All other robots can only help Aloy during battles. To be able to summon a rideable car at any time, you need to open a skill called “Summon a rideable car +”. Therefore, if you are tired of dealing with constant interception of control, we will quickly open this (↑) skill.

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