• February 22, 2024

Error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One

Error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One appears when trying to download, install, or log into a game. In general, it appears for any activity related to connecting to the Xbox Live service. No action can be taken online, because the console cannot connect to the Xbox servers. The error message states the same and is recommended to try later. However, waiting is not always the best way out of a situation. Read more about the reasons and how to fix it.

Error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One

What can cause error 0x87de0017

Known causes of the problem include:

  • Malfunction or hacker attack on the Xbox Live server.
  • During the update of the game, some files were corrupted, which makes it impossible to install it.
  • Crash while updating Blu-ray discs.

How to fix it

All the fixes are simple, just follow the instructions and everything will go well.

Reloading content

You can re-download the content by following these instructions:

  1. While on the main page, press the RT (right bumper) button.
  2. Click on Button A to go to the My Games & Apps screen.
  3. Go to the “Queue” menu and select the game you want to download.
  4. If the status bar displays Paused or Queued, select the specific game, go to the menu, and select Continue Installation.

Check if Xbox Live services are working

To view the status of services, go to special page… If the status of one of the services says “Limited” or something other than “Normal”, the problem is here. All that is required is to wait a little. The company’s employees will be fixing the server very soon. The problem from the server side is solved only by the employees of the company.

Xbox live

In order not to constantly check whether the servers are working again, you can click on the “Notify” button on the site. After the completion of the technical work, a notification about the possibility of connecting to the servers will appear.

Uninstalling a game and hard resetting the console

Hard restarting the console and re-installing the application will often fix these crashes. Of course, this applies when the problem is not with the Xbox servers.

Step by step guide:

  1. Go to the “My games and applications” menu, and then select the “Queue” section. On this tab, you need to cancel all updates from the queue.
  2. Open the Games menu, be sure to turn off auto-update, and select the game that triggers an error when you start it. In the properties, select the “Delete” item.
  3. Follow the path “Settings” => “Network” => “Network settings”. In the last section, you should click on “Disable wireless” or a similar item for a wired connection.
  4. Remove the disc from the drive (if the game is on the disc).
  5. Start the hardware reset procedure – hold down the shutdown button for 10 seconds. You can release the button after a beep.
  6. Turn your Xbox One back on, insert the disc, and install the game. All this must be done before connecting to the Internet.
  7. Enable web access and download all updates for this game.
  8. To start playing.

More is not required to fix error 0x87de0017 on Xbox One. The listed actions are enough, now the games should start normally.

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