• July 5, 2022

Error 2110-2003 when connecting Nintendo Switch to Wi-Fi

Error 2110-2003 often plagues Nintendo Switch owners when they try to connect a Japanese console to their Wi-Fi. Such an error is an extremely serious problem, because the player loses access to the network functionality not only of the console itself, but also of the games in his personal library.

Causes of Error 2110-2003 on Switch

  • Bug in the console firmware. Unfortunately, the Switch software (firmware) does malfunction from time to time, which causes problems when connecting to local Wi-Fi networks. As a rule, you can get rid of this bug with a simple console restart.
  • DNS server error. In some cases, error 2110-2003 can occur because the Switch cannot connect to the specified DNS server. The solution is to choose a different DNS server.
  • Wi-Fi router problems. Switch may be experiencing problems connecting to the wireless network due to a malfunctioning router. Temporary files, lost or previously changed settings, software bugs are the most common reasons. To restore normal operation of the router, you must perform a complete reboot.
  • The router software is incompatible with the Nintendo Switch protection type. The user’s Wi-Fi router may not be compatible with the default security type (encryption) on the Switch. It is enough to go to the console settings and change the type of its protection to the one supported by the router in use.

Troubleshooting error 2110-2003 on Switch


Reboot Switch

The quickest and easiest solution in this situation is to reboot the Switch. By rebooting, you will get rid of the “problem” temporary files that are actively used by the console software; Get rid of the problem preventing the normal connection to the nearest Wi-Fi.

  • Hold down the power button (at the top of the case, next to the volume buttons) for two or three seconds until the corresponding menu appears on the console screen;
  • select “Power Options” → “Restart”;
  • wait for the device to restart.

Once you gain control of the Switch, try connecting your console to the desired Wi-Fi network. Error 2110-2003 might have disappeared by now.

Changing DNS Server Addresses on Switch

Another potential reason the Switch might not connect to nearby Wi-Fi is problems with the given DNS server. As a rule, the user does not have to think about what DNS is and how to change it. However, such situations do arise, and therefore we will show you how to change the DNS on your Switch so that it connects to Wi-Fi.


  • From the main screen of the console, press the button with the house icon on your controller (under the right analog stick);
  • then select the circle with the gear icon to open the console settings;
  • now go to the “Internet” section and select “Internet settings”;
  • wait a moment for the console to detect available network connections;
  • select the Wi-Fi network you need from the list, then select the items “Change settings” → “DNS settings” → “Manual input”;
  • then you need to set the following values ​​in the DNS settings:
    • “Primary DNS” –;
    • Secondary DNS –
  • exit the Switch settings.

The note: Alternatively, you can use other DNS addresses:
• “Primary DNS” –;
• “Secondary DNS” –

Try connecting the Switch to your wireless network again. If the problem was DNS, then you will not see any error 2110-2003.

Reboot the Wi-Fi router

Unfortunately, many Wi-Fi routers – regardless of the manufacturer’s brand – start to malfunction if not rebooted for an extended period of time. Faced with network problems? Run to restart the router! You can reboot such a device using the corresponding button on its body.

Change protection type Switch

Some Switch owners claim they’ve managed to get rid of local Wi-Fi connectivity issues by changing the security type (encryption method) in the console’s Internet settings. Most likely, the problem lies in the incompatibility of this very type of console protection with a router. Here’s what you need to do to change the encryption method on the Switch:


  • go to the “Internet settings” section, as demonstrated in the second paragraph;
  • then select the appropriate Wi-Fi and go to the “Security” subsection;
  • WEP (open), WEP (general), WPA-PSK (AES) and WPA2-PSK (AES) – select the type of encryption from the list provided that your router can work with;
  • enter the password for Wi-Fi and click the “Save” button;
  • wait a bit and see if the Switch can connect to Wi-Fi.

All of the above methods have been tested by Nintendo Switch owners many times – they guarantee a solution to error 2110-2003.

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