• October 1, 2023

Error CE-34335-8 on PS4: causes and fixes

At the moment, the PS4 game console is one of the most popular and widespread in the world. This is an excellent gaming device that allows you to quickly and deeply immerse yourself in the virtual world. At the moment, there is already a new version of the console, but it is very expensive and often unavailable on the market, so the PS4 is still popular. This is a stable console, it doesn’t get too hot, doesn’t make a lot of noise and allows you to play modern games at high graphics settings. But it does not do without problems, the appearance of the error CE-34335-8 PS4 is a frequent occurrence.

Cause of error CE-34335-8

It happens quite simply, you try to start the console, but you see a black screen on the TV and a white inscription. Literally, the inscription translates as follows: “PS4 cannot start. No access to system storage. Press and hold the power button for 1 second (until the system beeps) to turn off the PS4. (CE-34335-8) “. After rebooting, the error appears over and over again. Someone immediately carries the console to the workshop, someone tries to figure out the problem on their own.

In general, the main cause of this error is the inaccessibility of the attached hard drive. When trying to connect to a disk and read information from it, a fatal error occurs. This may be facilitated by the following reasons:

  • the hard drive is disconnected;
  • damaged drive connection cable;
  • unreliable disk contact;
  • damaged sectors.

In any case, everything must be done in order to restore the normal operation of the console. Most of the solutions can be done by yourself, thus saving money on a professional workshop. You don’t have to change your hard drive, you can repair it or fix connection problems.

What to do in case of error CE-34335-8?

Some steps are related to disassembling the console, you need to get access to the hard drive. Safety precautions must be followed and special tools must be used. Do not allow additional damage, because as a result, the cost of repairing the console may significantly increase or it will not be advisable at all.

Solution 1: check the hard drive connection

A very common reason for this error is the banal disconnection of the hard drive. Someone disassembled the console and forgot to connect the disk, someone transported it and during movement, due to vibrations, the cable came off the connector. The way out is quite simple – connect the disk correctly, the console will work again. But, before doing this, it is imperative to disconnect the device from the mains, de-energize it in order to avoid electric shock and additional damage to the device.


After disconnecting the console from the power supply, carefully remove the top cover. It is she who covers the hard drive. After access to the disk is obtained, you need to connect the power and sync cable or make the contact more reliable. After the console is reassembled, it connects to the network and the user can initialize the launch. The connection problem has been fixed, the startup error is no longer displayed and everything works normally.

Solution 2: connect the drive with a different cable

It so happens that after disassembling the console, it turns out that the contact between the cable and the hard disk is good, however, the disk is not detected by the system. This may indicate that the data sync cable between the hard drive and the motherboard is damaged. You need to find a new SATA cable or take a known working one, and then replace the old wire with a new one. Initially, this may not seem the best solution, because the old cable has no visible damage. But internal microcracks can disrupt the contact between the two points, which will cause the game console to start inappropriately. You can buy a connection cable at any electronics store, or you can temporarily use the wire from your computer to verify the problem.

Solution 3: switch HDD or SSD to external connector

The connector may be causing the loss of contact between the hard drive and the motherboard. This is also a common cause, especially if the console has been repairable or warmed up. In this case, you can contact the workshop, where they will replace the connector or restore the old one. But if there is an easier way, which is used by many PS4 owners. The method consists in connecting a hard drive or SSD to an external connector, the operating system and the standard interfaces of the console allow you to do this.


For everything to work, you need to make sure that the console firmware is higher than 4.5, the external pocket has a USB 3.0 connector, and the hard drive capacity is from 250 GB to 8 TB. If these requirements are met, then follow these steps:

  1. Place a hard drive or SSD in an external pocket. This is a special accessory that allows you to connect your hard drive to any external storage device. You can buy it at an electronics store or online.
  2. Launch the console and navigate to Settings – Devices – USB Storage.
  3. Select the mapped drive and designate it as your primary media. If you have problems with the disk or the system recommends formatting it, then click on “Format as extended storage”, but remember that all data will be deleted, do not forget to make a backup.

After that, the external hard drive will work instead of the main one and the console can be used. Since the connection is via USB 3.0, the speed will not drop too much and all games will start in standard mode.

Solution 4: format the drive

Systemic damage to the hard drive may occur, formatting will restore it to normal operation. This happens at the time of a sudden power outage, which happens quite often. It should be immediately stipulated that formatting will lead to the complete deletion of data from the hard disk, therefore, before resorting to the method, it is necessary to back up the data on the computer.


To format the hard drive, it must be connected to a computer. This medium will appear in the system, after which you can right-click on it and select “Format”. Install NTFS file system and run quick format. All data will be erased and the hard drive can then be reinserted into the console. On first launch, the console will again prompt you to format the new media, for which you need to give your consent. After formatting the drive through the console, you can return the data to it and continue the normal operation of the game console.

Solution 5: try to repair your hard drive

If the reason is that there are bad sectors on the disk, then it will either have to be changed, or you will try to restore it. Recovery is often successful and the drive continues to function normally for a long time. To achieve the goal, you must initially dismantle it. Open the top cover of the PS4 after unplugging the device. Remove the hard drive and connect it to your computer, it is through the computer that you can initiate the recovery. Then follow these steps:

  1. After connecting the hard drive to the PC, hold down the Win + R keys to open a command prompt to execute.
  2. Specify the command “cmd“, This will allow you to go to the command line and run the scan there.
  3. In the command line, specify the command “chkdsk X: / f / r“And then press Enter.
  4. Wait for the end of the check. The command will not only determine the presence of bad sectors, but will also try to repair them.


Then you can plug the hard drive back into the console and try to turn it on. If the error does not appear, then you can continue to operate the device. This command to check for bad sectors does not delete data, it is not necessary to make a backup copy.

To solve the problem faster, you need to understand the cause of the CE-34335-8 PS4 error and then choose the most optimal solution. Initially, it is imperative to make sure that the hard drive is properly connected to the console motherboard, and also try to change the cable, which can get internal damage. If the disk is connected correctly, but an error appears on the screen at startup, then this may already indicate its damage. If attempts to recover the media have failed, then the hard drive will have to be replaced.

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