• May 24, 2022

Error code 2123-1502 Nintendo Switch

Today, on thematic forums, you can often find information that when Nintendo Switch users try to launch a particular program, error 2123 1502 appears on the screen and makes it impossible to do so. Also, this failure may appear when trying to connect to the Internet. Yes, indeed, the problem is widespread and takes place, even the official website of the company confirms this. But it very rarely occurs due to problems with the console itself, most often a problem on the side of the user or provider.

Causes of Error 2123-1502

If you collect all the information from thematic forums, then you can understand that this problem mainly appears on devices with firmware version v.12.0.3, which has recently been spread by the developer. It is possible not to associate the error with the update, but since the company itself has suspended the distribution of this firmware version, we can say that the failure lies precisely in this. Many users managed to update before the update was stopped, so they suffer from errors. Nevertheless, the company will very quickly release a solution to the problem in the form of a small patch, there is no doubt about that. If the problem is present on a different firmware version, then the reasons may be completely different.

Most often, a breakdown occurs due to the fact that the user tries to launch a game or program while it is being updated on the server, or there are problems with the Internet connection. An unstable connection to the network, an unstable DNS server, or a full cache of the set-top box can also cause this error to appear on the screen of the gadget. In this case, do not panic, you can try to find the best solution to the problem yourself and restore the normal operation of Nintendo.

How do I fix the crash?

There are different ways to solve the problem and someone will have to try them all. The most optimal solution can be found only when you clearly understand what caused the error to appear on the screen. If it is impossible to diagnose yourself, and it is rather difficult for a simple user to do it, then it is better to start with simple methods and move to more complex ones. In general, there are several methods to fix the failure of the set-top box:

  • Load the game a little later… The problem may be caused by the fact that preventive maintenance or updates are being installed on the developer’s server of this or that game. When trying to connect to the server, the set-top box gets a refusal, because of this, this error appears on the screen. After waiting a while, you can try to start the game again.
  • Reboot STB… Rebooting the device may be the quickest and easiest solution to this problem. To perform this procedure, press and hold the POWER button for three seconds. Then, in the menu that appears, select “Power Options” and “Turn Off”. When the console turns off, press and hold the POWER button again until the splash screen appears.
  • Check your internet connection. Use a different device to connect to the internet, or try connecting to another service on Nintendo that needs internet. If there is no Internet, then you should restart the router or contact your provider.
  • Clearing the cache. In fact, you need to clear the cache on Nintendo on a regular basis, even the official support team recommends doing this. Not all users clear the cache in a timely manner, and because of this, a lot of problems arise. To clean up, you need to go to System settings> System> Formatting options, and on the next screen select “Clear cache”. Here you will need to select your profile, the cache of which should be cleared, after which the process will be launched and will pass very quickly. It is advisable to clean all Nintendo profiles.
  • Change DNS Server… In order to change the server, you need to go to System settings> Internet> Internet settings> tap on the name of the Wi-Fi network and then – Change settings. Below there will be an item “DNS Settings”, and we need it. We select manual input and indicate as the primary DNS, and as the secondary DNS and save the changes. Then we try to start the game again, the error should no longer appear on the screen.

2123-1502 Nintendo Switch

Today, error 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch appears quite often and spoils the whole impression of the console, so it is better to find the optimal solution once and you will not suffer from this anymore. With the updates, the company will improve the work of the network connection system, but at the moment you can use the above recommendations.

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