• February 22, 2024

Error “msftconnecttest redirect” in Windows 10: causes and solutions

Many Windows 10 users have recently been complaining about the “msftconnecttest redirect” error. It occurs at the moment when the user tries to use the browser and go to some web resource.

In the Windows operating system, there is an NCSI function, which is responsible for checking the health of the connection to the World Wide Web. This same function is responsible for determining the best network connection for applications and redirecting them to that connection.

The msftconnecttest redirect error occurs when NCSI redirects an application to two MSN-related URLs, which in turn returns a static page indicating a successful connection. In this article, we will take a look at what is causing this problem.

Why does the “msftconnecttest redirect” error appear?

  • Connection test. Whenever an application tries to connect to a network through Windows, it performs a connection test to determine which network connection is best to use. This very test is sometimes not completed in the most successful way, which is why you cannot go online.
  • HTTP / HTTPS settings. In some cases, the “msftconnecttest redirect” error occurs because no default application has been selected for the HTTP / HTTPS protocol. To solve the problem, you need to set the browser you need to work with these protocols.

Methods for solving “msftconnecttest redirect”

msftconnecttest redirect

Method # 1 Disable connection test

Failed connection tests that the application you want to perform can easily cause the “msftconnecttest redirect” error. You can fix this with the following steps:

  1. Press Windows + R;
  2. write down the value “regedit” and press Enter;
  3. go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services NlaSvc Parameters Internet”;
  4. double click on “EnableActiveProbing”;
  5. set the value to “0” and click “OK”;
  6. close the system register and restart the computer.

Check if the “msftconnecttest redirect” error has disappeared.

Method # 2 Changing the HTTP / HTTPs settings

The problem in question may occur due to the fact that your browser is not selected by default to work with the HTTP / HTTPS protocols. Now we will try to change this:

  1. right-click on Start;
  2. select Options”;
  3. go to “Applications”, then – “Default Applications”;
  4. move down to the bottom of the window and click on “Select standard applications for protocols”;
  5. find the lines “HTTP” and “HTTPs” and put your preferred browser in them.
  6. after making the changes, restart your computer.

The “msftconnecttest redirect” error should have disappeared from your Windows system.

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