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estimated release date and details in 2021

Elder Scrolls 6 release date and details

Players are eagerly awaiting the release of The Elder Scrolls 6, and ardent fans are even building theories about it. We share the most plausible of them. Fans are making a lot of assumptions based on interview excerpts, rumors and footage presented at E3 2018. They think they know everything about what’s going to be in the franchise. In fact, little is known about the game.

Only one thing is certain: loyal fans are literally foaming at the mouth, bit by bit, collecting information about the new part.

The action will take place

In Black Marsh

The action will take place in Black Marsh

Black Marsh – the homeland of the Argonians. It is rich in cultural diversity and full of mysteries. Players have never seen Black Marsh in the main part of the series, but can be visited in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Fans believe that Black Marsh could be the next location in the series of games. This theory based on footage from the official trailershown at E3. There, somewhere in the distance, you can see the wetland. In addition, throughout the series, players are hinted that the events that changed the world took place in Argonia.

In Hammerfell

The action will take place in Hammerfell

Hammerfell Is the birthplace of the Redguards. Most fans believe that all events will take place there. Yes, some of the locations in the teaser are similar to Black Marsh. However, players are confident that the steep brown hills shown are in Hammerfell.

Homeland of the Redguards, as well as Black Marsh, can be visited in The Elder Scrolls Online. And if the main events of the game The Elder Scrolls really take place there, then, most likely, the era will be completely different.

The player will not be in the center of the action

Elder Scrolls 6 main character

Have Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim there is one distinguishing feature. At the center of all events related to the fate of the world, there is always the main character. In Morrowind, the player was Nerevarine, in Oblivion, he had to end the crisis. In Skyrim, he did become Dragonborn Dragon Slayer

Fans believe the series will return to the classic RPG path. The player will not need to save the world, he will be able to choose his more mundane place in the world.

Some speculate that the protagonist will be a hortator.

Elder Scrolls 6 Hortator

Hortator is somewhat similar to Nerevarine, however, is less powerful. The Nerevarine is the reincarnation of Indoril Nerevar, Defender of Morrowind. The Hortator is the head of one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. He is elected so that he can rule the people during a difficult crisis.

It’s funny that Indoril Nerevar was a hortator. However, they are not the same thing. The Hortator is chosen, and the Nerevarine must be reborn. If the theory turns out to be correct, it would be interesting to see how he leads Great House

The classic RPG features will return to the game

Elder Scrolls 6

Skyrim and other recent Bethesda titles were missing something essential for an engaging role-playing game: of choice… Oblivion was less complex than Morrowind, and Skyrim was definitely more simple than Oblivion.

In games, the fashion for complicated, but at the same time, interesting gameplay has returned. It is likely that The Elder Scrolls VI will feature beloved spells.

This will be the prequel to the events of the entire series.

Elder Scrolls 6

The Elder Scrolls series is set in Tamriel for a long time. Several games mentioned countless historical events that players could not participate in. For example, the Battle of Red Mountain.

If players can take part in events from ancient traditions, this will greatly diversify the story. For example, it would be great to see the flourishing of the Dwemer civilization.

Chances are there will be no more dragons

Dragons in Skyrim

Skyrim is a unique part of The Elder Scrolls game. In it, the player could face various dragons. Throughout the series, they threatened the world, but they can only be found in Skyrim. Do not hope that in the new part it will be possible to fight the dragon. If the world of TES 6 is big enough, maybe a couple of winged monsters will appear there.

However, Skyrim is almost the only place on the continent where they live.

The game will support mods

After the launch of Bethesda Creation Club, many were concerned about whether the new parts of The Elder Scrolls would be compatible with mods. Such a long-term success Skyrim and Oblivion driven by the interest of the modding communities supported by the developers.

If it is impossible to install mods in the new part, then it is doomed to failure in advance. When games get old fashion literally breathes new life into them… This can be seen on the example of the TES series games.

The Elder Scrolls VI release date

End of 2022

Teaser The Elder Scrolls VI for E3 was released in mid-2018. Since then, there has been practically no news. Bethesda pays full attention to the Fallout series and other projects.

There isn’t much left until the end of 2021. Perhaps very soon players will have long-awaited announcements and new teasers.

The project is more likely to be ready in 2023

Skyrim was first announced on December 11, 2010. The game itself was released about a year later, on November 11, 2011. It was only then that the pandemic did not rage, which must be resisted. A year before the release, a lot of information about the release became known, and the game also had a name.

Thus, we can say with confidence that the release of the new part should not be expected until the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

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